Sunday, June 19, 2016

End Of Financial Year " SALE " is NOW ON !!

Another year is ending ...

So this is it !!

We're throwing a massive sale, the real deal, further discounts, thanks special, 
to those who's been supporting us 
throughout the year !!!

Our beautiful collection, black opal & boulder opal 
is waiting for a new home.

To be hold and loved.

SOLD !!!

A stunning black opal rock found at Lightning Ridge.
Only Australia produces top quality opal like this ...

100% solid, no color enhancement or treated, 
super pure, so bright and the price is 
too good to be true.

Comes down to about AUD1000 after further discount 
for this black opal specimen.
SOLD ...

Some of these amazing black opal loose & 
boulder opal loose is also SOLD.

Our BIG SALE has just started and 
will run for 10 days only !!

17th June - 27th June 2016

Find out more from our website

Of course, our beautiful opal jewelry is included 
in this special deal.

Our further 20% discounts !!

Like this huge black opal specimen ?!?

405ct, solid black opal from Lightning Ridge !!

What about this unique and rare, boulder opal pair ??

We're more than happy to assist you in 
making your 'original opal jewelry' ...

A jewelry no others can have the same.

Don't miss out this special deal.

Receive further 20% discount from our best deal 
(already discounted price !!!) and make yourself happy 
all year around ..

For the rest of your life perhaps ?!?  


Sale, sale, sale !!!

Sold, sold, sold !!!

"Thanks" for your support and for your love of opal.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

xxxx    Malayvone

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