Sunday, May 18, 2014

ANNIVERSARY SALE is now on !!!!

It is Opal Direct's 10th Anniversary and we're giving 
further 20% OFF from our great wholesale price, 
ending this month.

Unbeatable deal, everyone!!

Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal is too precious, 
so you all know ... 
If you miss out this chance, you probably won't have 
another great offer like this for a long time.

Along with our special offer, we are also busy 
making more new opal jewelry for 
online store, exporting business & retail stores.

Designing all items as 'ONE OFF PIECE' 
so it is more special, something you could consider 
for yourself or for your loved one.

That is how we make our customers happy.

Please visit our website and write to us! 
There is so many information on Australian Opals 
for you to see and read.

We work hard & play hard !!!

Our mission is always to keep the cost low to 
the minimum and make all Opal Lovers happy.

Help our opal miners to keep going by following us ... 
your support is much needed & greatly appreciated.  

Thanks for your strong support 
for the past 10 years !! 
And for another 10 years more ...


xxxx   Malayvone