Saturday, June 22, 2013

New "Australian Boulder Opal Looses" !!!

Hello from Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia !!!
It's winter, it's cold but we have plenty of sunshine here
... I love living in "Gold Coast"   (^^)
Now, to warm myself up, I have some new faces in our store ♪
See this beautiful Solid, Australian Boulder Opal
Loose Stone from Winton Field (Queensland) ??!?
So sweet, the color combination resembles "LOLLIES".
I just want to put it in my mouth, hahaha!!
See  -  Opal Direct's online shopping site :

And then, this piece - another quality Boulder Opal
Loose Stone from Queensland, Australia.
It's so firely ... just staring at it makes me feel so
"HOT" and "PASSIONATE" !!!
Anyone would like to have a "fire dance" with me, right now??!?   (^^;)
Lovely oval shape, meaning easy to set into any design too!!
Check out more from the link below ...

And ... this piece !!!!
The photo here might now show its actual unique shape
but if you click on the link below and see more pictures ...
You'll just LOVE it, guaranteed    (^^)
Its "MOUNTAIN IMAGE" -  is incredible.
An opal cutter must have so much trouble getting
this piece right, took a lot of time to finish it up and
I believe the get cutter's skill shows when it comes to
handling an opal like this ... Not me, thanks ...
this type of rock is just for a "patient gem cutter" !!
Well done !!!!!!!!!!! 
Love it ... and guess what,
the price is "RIGHT" !!
Well, for those who missed out on seeing our new babies ...
too bad. And those who's quick enough to make
actions purchasing it, you are a true WINNER !!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Saturday night, everyone.
Take care.

xxxx      Malayvone

Monday, June 17, 2013

So long my lovely "second home" ...

It's been 10 years since we've opened our retail space
in Surfers Paradise District.
The very "EXCITING" 10 years I must admit ...
Lots of dramas (usually good), laughters, joy of tears and unforgettable memories
we shared with our beautiful shop staff
& our customer!! 
But that will come to an end, because we
have to move on when the Lease Contract
finishes this month. (- -;) 
Well, one page is ending here and another page is
just about to open, that's all !!! 

The business will stay running even without
our retail space. Now that we can concentrate
on more things such as exporting & wholesaling
to Japan, as well as to other markets.
With more time at my new office (my home) 
I can design new products for our
new customer and so on ...  

Just can't tell enough how much I appreciate all my shop staff, friend and regular customer ...
To those who's been supportive since year 2003.
Without you, we wouldn't get this far and be here today so "THANK YOU" sincerely.

I remember my very first item ( K18 Diamonds -
Solid Australian Boulder Opal Pendant )
I have designed for my USA customer in 2003 ...
Sending this item to USA was not easy due to the
 limitation of insurance value and all the rule
I was not very familian with, back then ...
Anyway, customer received it after waiting for
several weeks and how happy she was,
she called me from CA just to say "thank you"!!
This piece is special, is still one of my memorable item, hehehe ... (^^) 
Stay in touch, cheers!!
xxxx      Malayvone 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Precious "RIBBON PATTERN" ...

How many have seen a QUALITY BLACK OPAL
with a RIBBON PATTERN ??!!?
I bet not too many ...
Well, for those who's not familiar with this
RARE PATTERN, I would like to show
& tell you a little bit about it.  (^^)
Australian Black Opal from LIGHTNING RIDGE  - 
is the only quality that can show the vividness & uniqueness of this beautiful character!!!
A distinctive pattern like RIBBON PATTERN
is very rare and collectable. Its amount of color and its
intensity makes it more precious than another ...
It has a play of color - the colors that keeps rolling & changing and this image reminds you of an "AURORA" -
Coloured light in the night sky in
the Northern Hemisphere,      
 Anyway, this pattern is just so beautiful
and one much hold a special piece of Black Opal like
this and roll it in your hand !!!
The color will keep turning, changing, rolling,
dancing, laughing and you will never get 
bored looking at its gorgeousness ...
Amazing what the nature can offer !!?
Australian Black Opal is the best and the rerer they come,
the more valuable, ofcourse. Nothing can replace this beauty, unlike other gemstones, guaranteed !!!!!!   
Today's weather in Gold Coast is not so pleasant
but if you're on holiday, the weather does not
really affect your feeling, right??!!?
Just be happy, relax and re-set your mind today.
Have a happy long weekend, everyone !!!
And see you in Surfers Paradise - Gemstory Pty Ltd.,'s showroom ... Maybe ...
xxxx      Malayvone

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Too "PRECIOUS" ...

Hello from Surfers Paradise !!!
Not many have seen opals been introduced in a RAW MATERIAL, so here you are ... Above image is a rough opals from Lightning Ridge - BLACK OPAL !!!
Even when opal have not been cut & polished,
you can easily tell which piece is worth more, 
more colorful or beautiful than other pieces.

That's why opal is a bit unique right from the start.

Sure you may already know that
Opal is a "LUCKY GEMSTONE" and no other
gemstone can match its beauty!!!

Money can not replace it unlike other gemstones ...
If you think you deserve something really special, beautiful and precious, you can never walk pass this gemstone ... Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal is best of the best.

Find our rainbow collection from here ...
Gold Coast is a bit cooler at night time, and if you're visiting from other cities, please don't forget to bring a jacket, just incase!!! G'night my friends ...

xxxx      Malayvone