Friday, March 25, 2016

Another 'top gem' from Australia - boulder opal.

Our new opal collection from Queensland, Australia.


Definitely a solid (guaranteed !!) top range, 
amazingly pretty and sexy, has great proportion, 
just the right size for 
any jewelry ...

Incredibly bright all over the face, 
showing "rainbow color" with vivid "top red" 
and has large, mixed patterns will add more 
value for sure.  

Who wouldn't want to have or to see 
a precious gem like this ?!?

Believe it or not, this quality can only 
be found in Australia ... in a limited place 
like Queensland, Quilpie.

Perhaps you can read / study a little bit about 
this amazing gemstone from our website.

Now, it's time to think ...

My mission is to express the beauty of 
Australian black opal & boulder opal to the opal 
admire around the world.

Introducing this gem as natural loose stone 
(usually polished, ready to set in the jewelry) ...

Or use my creativity and make a nice, 
original opal jewelry for men & women !!

Which item should I make this time, 
with this yummy looking opal ?

A gorgeous ring ?

A brooch ??

A pendant ???

Or ... just leave it for a while and 
let my client's to decide ?

I can not wait to put my hands on, it's too pretty !!

If you have great suggestions, let me know and 
we'll think together, haha. 

xxxx     Malayvone