Sunday, January 4, 2015

Opal Jewelry ...

Designing Opal Jewellery ...

Is what we can also do further for the customer who selected our opal loose on the internet (online shopping site)

And we find it really interesting with all enquiry, because, often, they will ask - 

"Can you cut down your opal loose to fit into my ring mounting?" or "Can you polish your opal's surface nice & flat so that it's easier for me to set into jewelry?" ... 

or even an enquiry like this "Can you re-cut your opal loose into a faceted style so it will shine more?"   

Our answers to all the above is "Yes"

We can cut down the size or shape, even get it faceted if it's really necessary ...

Re-polishing and re-cutting is possible 
as long as the opal is reasonably large and has thick color bars, and if the opal is natural.

Anything is possible!!

However, we strongly do not recommend anyone 
to go with that procedure.

Not only your opal will lose its carat size and values, 
it will also change and lose the original character 
as you polish down or touch its surface.

Making 'opal jewelry' is quite different to making
any other colored stone jewelries.

Since our opal collection is individually unique 
and precious, the color, size, shape and beauty is all completely different ... 

The design must be created to suit or fit into opal loose, 
not the other way around !!

Money can't replace its beauty ... 

Be grateful with what you see in front of your eyes,
the perfect creation of what opal professional (opal cutter) has prepared for you.

With years of experiences, our opal cutter has learnt how to polish and cut opals to its maximum beauty, 
where to start and how to end ... 

Opal is unlike many other gems out there, 
being calibrated by the cutting machine or cut to fit 
into the mounting because there are many other pieces similar enough to replace.

Our opal collection is 100% natural, Australian,
top quality pieces, with full of pride & guarantees!

Please always keep in mind that it's better to leave any high-quality opal like this as how it comes ... 
better not to re-polish or cut down to size, 
unless you really have to.

Money doesn't bring you another pieces to replace ... 

Appreciate every, each beauty and create a 
really special opal jewelry just perfect for you 
or for your loved one.

For more enquiry, contact us anytime!  

xxxx     Malayvone