Monday, March 2, 2015

Non Stop Events in Japan & Australia !!

Hello from Gold Coast !

We have been busy, travelling to Japan for Mineral Shows & Jewelry Show lately ... Gold Coast Jewelry Show is just finished end of Feb ... 

now what? (haha)

A great find at this little Gold Coast Show though, it was this lovely 'Fancy Pink Diamond' - 0.57ct A$5,8500 !! 

Affordable hey !!!!!!!?

We have another show to attend in Japan and we'll be flying out next week ... 
here is the detail of our next event in Japan, hoping to meet more new faces in Yokohama.

In a meanwhile, I have to design few pieces for VIP on this beautiful boulder opal, from Quilpie, Queensland, Australia. 

So beautiful I just can not stop looking at it ...

Feeling very lucky & happy, as jewelry designer - 
you'd be extremely proud of yourself when your customer asks you to create something nice, to stay with them for the rest of their lives ... and pass it to the next generation.

Another wonderful day here in Gold Coast !!!
My real paradise   (^^)

xxxx      Malayvone