Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Adorable Opal for An Adorable girl

Good afternoon!!

We has got back a beautiful weather today!!

I am happy for people walking aroud
and enjoying their own time....

And happy to see you again, girl!!

A Canadian youg lady who is traveling around Australia came to Gemstory on the other day and had a look.
She did't decide to buy anything on that day, but she came up today again after her great research!!

Finally  this adorable boulder opal has been chosen by her!!

I also love this opal so so so much!!!

It's got a lot of green, blue and a little bit touch of gold...

And all the colours look so deep and flesh !!

I'm so excited to see this opal again as a ring on her finger!!!

Have a lovely night xxx

Our new item...

Introducing our new line 'Boulder Opal in Silver' ...

Do you like something BIG, BEAUTIFUL, ORIGINAL and AFFORDABLE ??!
Sure you do, I know.

This is something we have been waiting for, it's natural boulder opal from Queensland, hand crafted piece by piece, by qualified Jewellers and beautifully completed with rhodium coating to avoid tarnishing.

The price ??!? Don't worry it is surprisingly 'AFFORDABLE' and guaranteed you'll love our new range when you touch & see it...

xxxx Malayvone

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding out the truth in the jewellery shop

We are still in a bad weather.....

This morning, I took one of our loose stone outside.

I just wondered
how this opal looked like in the cloudy weather, no sunlight.

It still kicks its colour!!!!
 Can you believe it !?!?!? (Of course I can :) )

My boss always teaches me
that opals will show their actual quality under the natural light.

You might have this kind of experience.
You purchased a jewellery,
and when you came home
the  colour or brilliance of your jewellery
looked different from it looking in the shop.

This is because usuallymost of the jewellery shops
use very strong and close lightings to make their items look attractive.

So, we always take our customers outside
to show opal's true quality!!

Next time
when you see a jewellery or gemstone,
ask to a shop staff to take an item outside.

See under the sunlight or natural light.
Find out the truth...

You will spend your time and money wisely from now on :)

Visit our website
to read "HOW TO choose a good opal"!!

Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gentlemen, be ambitious!

Hello everyone!!

(K14YG, Solid Australian Boulder Opal Ring $3.300)

I think it is very COOL for gentleman
 to wear a chunky style ring like this!!

Especially with a Boulder opal,
it has a strong looking because of the ironstone backing.

If you or your BF likes more dressy item,
there you are!!

(K18YG and Diamonds, Solid Australian Boulder Opal Inlay Ring  $1.980)

We are known as a loose stone seller.

So if you would like to have an opal jewellery,
Simply find a loose stone that you like first,
then our designer will design and
our jeweller will creat for you
or we find a casting that matches to your selected opal.

To find out more,
pleas contact us!!

Have a lovely day!!x

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day!!


In Surfers Paradise, people are celebrating for this special day with beautiful weather!!

We found 4 Aussie boys standing out!!

GO AUSSIE, GO!!!!!!!

Hope everybody having a wonderful day...

By the way,
I think this Black Opal looks like "AUSTRALIA"...

Doesn't it !?!?!?!?

This beautiful solid Black Opal produces another vivid RED colour.

Have a look other pictures from here :)

Have a lovely Australia Day xxx


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ethical Jewellery


Still raining in Gold Coast.
I miss sunshine...

Have you heard the word "Ethical Jewellery" before??

Definition Ethical:
Ethical is a general term, currently understood by many consumers to mean products that are produced and traded in ways that avoid or lessen social, environmental, economic, cultural and/or political harm an or produce social, environmental, economic, cultural and/ or political benefits at local, national, regional, or global scales and according to the values of the actors in the supply chain, including the consumer.

As I talked about Conflict-free Diamond on this blog before, Gemstone / Jewellery industry is now taking steps to avoide child labour, forced labour, gender balance, adverse health and safety conditions in the process of minig gemstones and manufacturing jewelleries.

On the other hand, Australian Black and Boulder opal is very "CLEAN and CLEAR" gemstone.

Opal miners are not too many but I am sure everyone just LOVE what they do.
Some of the miners are over 70 years old and still mine opals everyday.

They have a great passion for their job.
It doesn't matter whether they can find a good one or not, they have too much fun to mine opals. 

"I am not going to quit my job, as long as I can move!!"
One of our friend who mines Black Opal in Lightning Ridge over 50 years said. 

Ethical gemstone, Black Opal and Boulde Opal...

There is a reason why they attract people from ancient time until today...

Have a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simple and elegant!!

Hello everyone.

Our jeweller made a beautiful boulder opal into a fabulous pendant!!!

(Solid Australian Boulder Opal 0.95 carat in18 karat white gold)

Simple and elegant!!!

This pendant would be a memorable gift for a amazing trip in Australia....

Have a nice day xxx

Monday, January 23, 2012

You love RED, don't you!?

Hello everyone.

It's always fun for me to choose an opal with customer.

Everyone has a different taste.

I can see their personality from the way they choose an opal :)

Also, some people like a green piece, some like a large opal, and some only like a black opal.

A gentleman who purchased this beautiful "sunset red" opal likes only RED!!
I explained how blue-green opals are nice, and he totally understood, but he backed to RED :)

Our designer, Malayvone Souvannavong drew beautiful

designs in a pendant.

Because this opal has a natural sandy spot on the surface, so she can design it into a special piece!!

Have a lovely day.xxx

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A original Stone for a original gift


A few days ago, an Australian gentleman walked into Gemstory to find a birthday gift for his wife.

He looked through all our opal loose stones, then he found the one!!!

These two boulder opals came from the close stratum so they have the same pattern and colours.

 Then,our jeweller made one of them into a fabulous pendant !!!

He is planning to make a ring with the other piece of boulder opal.


I am very sure that his wife would be super happy with those opal jewelleries and those jewelleries would be memorable pieces.

Thank you Mr.A for letting us choose a gift with you and make a pendant for your loved one!!!!

Have a lovely day xxx

Friday, January 20, 2012

can't have the same one

Hello everyone!!

I love taking pictures of  the "sky".

It never let me see the same
scene and keep changing the face.

Opals make me feel the same way.

They never come in the same colours and shapes.

You can enjoy every moment.

I don't think other gemstones have this kind of joy....

I wish more and more people will see their beauty....

Have a lovely night xxx

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinfire Boulder Opal

Hello everyone!!
How are you doing on this weekend??

Today, I would like to introduce this beautiful Solid Boulder Opal to you!!!

What I like on this opal is the pattern.

With lots of kind of colours!!!

Also this opal has a depth of the colours which makes its value higher.

There is 1000 of Pinfire pattern ( because it is the most common pattern of all) , but "a great pinfire" is a very few.

So this is the one we can reccomend you with a big confidence, if you'd like to have a pinfire pattern.

To see more about this opal, please email us.

Have a lovely weekend xoxo


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boulder Matrix

Hello Everyone!!

Please have a look at this video.

An Australian Boulder Matrix Opal is a opal mixed with the parent rock (ironstone) rather than having been deposited in seams or potches, like boulder opal.

The parents rock is called ironstone, and it is exclusively found in Queensland.

My boss sometimes decides to carry  a good quality Boulder Matrix.

Some people say that high quality Boulder Matrix has a charactor like twinkling neon lights of a distant city...

Do you see it in this opal!?!?

( I DO!!!!)

Have a lovely day xxx

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot weather, hot story

It's 35 degrees in Gold Coast!!
I am in a very happy mood because I LOVE SUMMER, but my big boss is ......(^^;)

Today, I would like to share the story which my boss wrote down on his blog.
His blog is in Japanese, so I'll translate into English.

He goes on a business trip to Japan several times in an year.

Last December when he visited to Japan, one of his customer, who is a craftman of a musical instrument, showed him these awesome jobs to him!!!!! 

The customer mainly makes a violin, and sometimes he creats some wooden works in his spare time.
He wasn't familiar with opals but once he saw our opals, he became to love the beauty of opals!! Meeting opals has stimulated his interest and creativity!!

My boss was pretty impressed by the warmth and softness of his handwork.
It was very new style to my boss to enjoy the beauty of opal, however, he loves it so much in spite of his picky taste.

 Thank you very much to Mr.S for showing them!!

Hope we'll see another works soon.

Have a lovewly night. xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amaging piece....

Amazing.....Isn't it!?!?

Flashy blue is showing up if you see it from another direction...

Backing, very nice dark.

This 7.65carat beautiful solid black opal has selected by a lovely couple on the other day.

They told me that they would love to set it as a ring, I agree!!
Such a high quality opal like this deserves to be a ring, people can't ignore the beauty of it!!

We still keep some pictures of it on our website, enjoy!!

Also my boss has posted its video on Youtube.

I miss you........

Have a lovely day.xxx

Thursday, January 5, 2012

a dinosaur and dolphin in a boulder!!

Hello, enjoying your day so far??

I was surprised!!!!
This morning, I was cleaning up our new boulder opal pendants, and  there it is!!!!

Can you see "a runnning away dinosaur" in this opal!?!?

Then, another surprise!!
"A dolphin jumping from the water"!!!

Is this only me to see these images!?!?
Or you might see another one on these...

Let's try to use your imagination!!

Have a lovely day!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year shoppings...

In Surfers Paradise, we are having the busiest season. Many tourists are everywhere who enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, nice relax feelings on the beach, having meals and drinks and shopping!!

We've been having a lot of customers from many many countries as well!
Thank you so much for visiting Gemstory, and happy for all of our customers that they found the opal they fell in love!!

As I've mentioned you many times, Black and Boulder Opal is just too hard to replace.
They never ever come in the same colour, shape or size.
It makes them very special, almost too special...
Recently, we said BYE to this fabulous Black opal...

What I like about this opal was amazingly large size (8 carat!!!!) with super bright and deep colours ( not only one colour but uncountable colours!!!!), its large pattern as well as  its desirable shape.

It would be one of the customer's exclusive collection, who had been looking for this opal for many years!! I am so happy for the customer and the opal too!!!

We still keep some pictures on the website so please enjoy its dramatic colours!!

Have a lovely day xxx


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy new year everyone!!

May your days of new year be filled lots of happiness, joy and love...

For the first item of  2012 we introduce to you, this is it!!
Australian Black Opal ( Solid) 1.36 carat, $1.650.
When you have a first look, it would be like the picture below.

Then, when you look at it from othe side...

How amazing it is!!!!!

I am so proud of it, our new baby :)

Enjoy your day!!!