Wednesday, November 25, 2015

An initial " O " ... !!? ^^

What an excellent pattern !!

If you turn this beauty left to right, you'll see the flashy pattern along with an initial 'O' so this is another interesting opal pattern only comes from Lightning Ridge

To view on the video, please visit the following link.
It's super amusing and I just love it !!

For more collection, check on our website, thanks.
Cheers to Australian black opal  (haha).

xxxx     Malayvone

Friday, November 13, 2015

Opal Jewelry ...

Opal Jewelry ...

Some opal lover might not like any design around their favorite opal and some might.
It depends on their personality and how they'll use it daily.

As for myself, I prefer to have beautiful 
design to go with a high quality black opal like this  

This particular item - a black opal pendant top 
in K18 white gold & diamonds. 

I believe this will be another good investment 
if I can keep it for myself for many years!

Love the color, flashy pattern, 
perfect form and overall balance with the design.

Love Australian black opal from Lightning Ridge.

Best of the best, this is.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only The Best Will Do !!

Finding good opal is just hard enough ....

Finding great opal is even harder ...

Finding gorgeous opal is almost impossible !!!

But look at this 'amazing boulder opal' in its 
natural form, weights over 10Kg, 
filled with bright blue / green colors.

Usually colorful opal does not come in this large size!

And if there's one to be found, many would consider 
getting it cut & polish it straight.

Making more $$$ by breaking down into small pieces 
and sold each to the retailer ...  

However, our buyer specifically asked us to find a 
top quality (like this one!) Australian boulder opal in a large, original form, with lots of colors and full energy !!

Something amusing with strong character but untouched, something valuable but price has to be right, 
something collectible !!!


So here it is ...
We managed to find one!

And 'SOLD' straightaway !!

Thank GOD, can you imagine how much effort 
it took us to carry this beautiful boulder specimen from Australia to Japan by an airplane? 

Now we need to find another piece, 
for an opal lover, with tight budget,
but we love to challenge our mission !!!   ^^


xxxx     Malayvone

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Extraordinary Australian Opal !!

Big or small ...

Perfect or imperfect ...

Colorful or not ...

I guess everyone has different taste, when seeking for something unique & special. 

Beautiful collection can be seen online

Feel the earth ?!?

This boulder opal rock weights just over 10kg,
killing my back, when carrying it from Quilpie opal field (Queensland, Australia) to the Gold Coast office.

Now it's safely arrived in Japan, 
ready to be exhibited in the Gem & Mineral Show 
(Tokyo, Ikebukuro).

Super 'extraordinary piece' !! 

Australian opal is always popular among gem lovers 
due to its individuality and preciousness. 

Not just for the beauty but also for the ' strong character' which other gemstone can not offer. 

This lovely black opal specimen is another showpiece, found at Lightning Ridge, W.S.W, Australia.

Look at this ...

And that ...

And more ...  

No other gems can replace anything like this 
(a funny face of boulder opal specimen) right ??!!? 

If you won't find this gemstone 'extraordinary' ... 
then what will ?


Look at this black opal loose.

Opal's color play, strong character, depth in color, 
unique shape, amazing pattern, vividness, preciousness, every piece has its own story and every piece is 
loved like no other gems !!!  

Unstoppable beauty, sometimes the play of color 
reminds me of women's 'mood swing' but it's not such a bad thing, because women amazing !!


And when it gets harder to understand, 
the more interested and appreciated you'll become, 
in the end.


My point is, when you find this gemstone amazing, 
you' will feel lucky & will enjoy life a bit more than others, guaranteed.

No need to be perfect or glittery like others ...
Just be natural, be a bit special in your own way !!

Love Australian black opal & boulder opal.

xxxx     Malayvone