Monday, February 17, 2014


Tucson Show
The world's best market place for buyers and sellers of
Gem, Mineral & Fossil !!!

My first time visit to this MEGA EVENT
has certainly paid off ...

The "Gem Show" was much more than
a single event at one location.
Rather, there were thousands of participants
and attendees at more than 40 sites around town.
Dozens of shows took place at the same time -
in giant white tents, at hotels
and resorts and at exhibit halls.

There was something for everyone
at the many open-to-the-public shows ...
from gemstones, gold and diamonds to
granite bookends and glass beads,
and from fine specimens of dinosaur
fossilsto opals dug from the
Australian Outback.

This show invited thousands of treasure hunters
from every corner of the globe and was
open to the public.
There were displays from renowned museums
and private collections along with over 250 mineral,
gemstone, jewelry and fossil retail dealers.
It also featured free lectures and seminars,
and a Junior Education Area.

Just an AMAZING SHOW it was ...


Beautiful display showcases ...

Australian exhibitors were having good time
& willing to do more next year ... I am intending to return and help more friends in year 2015 !!! (^^)
Anyone wants to see more of Australian Black Opal
& Boulder Opal  - please write to me, thanks!

Have lots of fun everyone & goof day from Gold Coast ♪♪
xxxx     Malayvone