Thursday, May 31, 2012

A picture opal

Today, I had a customer who has a fertile imagination.

In this Queensland Boulder Opal,
he sees 2 divers jumping to the coral sea.

He said there is a lady in it.
( Poor me I can't see anything...)

The sky, the ocean, waves and sands in it.
( I also see those, yay!!!)

We sometimes call Boulder Opal as a picture opal.
There is not only colours,
also "pictures" are there if you use your imagination :)

What a fun gemstone we have!!! 

xxx Mayu

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

9th anniversary!!!!!

I have the honor to inform you that
our company, Gemstory,
 is having the 9th anniversary in this May.

We all would like to "thank you" to our
customers who always love Gemstory,
jewellers who always take care of us,
suppliers who always help us
and miners who mine our precious opals!!!!

We will promise to continue providing
our best survice in future!!!!

Gemstory website 

Opal Direct (online shopping) website

bijew website

xxx Mayu

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Cloudy weather in Gold Coast.....

The place called Coober Pedy is the No1
White Opal field in the whole world!!!

95% of White Opal is found in there.

Because of  its reasonable price and
easiness to wear daily,
White Opal is popular in the showroom.

Like a moonstone colour....
An elegant designed White Opal Pendant

Pretty design!!

Have a look more White Opal pendants

xxx Mayu

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A life time partner

The way people enjoy Gemstone
is all different.
People have a different styles and taste.

But If you really find something that
you fall in love and looks stunning on you,
that jewellery will make your life more beautiful
and will give you extra confidence...

"Look at me!! I am beautiful and I deserve this gemstone!!"

Have you find "your life time partner"???

xxx Mayu

Monday, May 21, 2012

Feel the energy ...

Good day friends!

Another new items I have created for our shop... "RED COLOR" symbolizes the meaning of 'Passion, Courage, Leadership, Success & Love'. How can one live without LOVE, right??!!

The "BLUE COLOR" though, has different power and meaning compare to the red... It symbolizes 'Trust, Stability, Confidence, Intelligence, Wisdom & Loyalty'!!

Sounds good to me.  (^^)

Well, if you're to select one for yourself, which color would you prefer and what is the main reason for your selection?
As for me, I would like to have both because they'll bring all the good energy & both'll look pretty on me for sure!!!

Surfers Paradise is gorgeous again!

xxxx    Malayvone

Sunday, May 20, 2012

paradise of green

Good Morning!!

How are you doing on Sunday morning???

I'm in the middle of my beach walking now,
I am having such a beautiful weather here in Gold Coast.
As always!!!

By the way, we've got a new beautiful Boulder Opal!!

This 1.08carat triangle shape opal is
my favorite so far!!!

You see how the colour strong....
This lovely opal shows like
an emerald green vivid colour.

To see more photos,

Have a lovely weekend!!

xxx Mayu

Thursday, May 17, 2012


"COLOR" ...

What does it do for you?
I think color is just like your "MOOD SWING", it can make you hapy or sad depending on which & how colors you're closely involved at the time.

For example, here is what I call "GREEN COLORS" ...  It ranges from 'Deep Green to Bright Green'. It could also be seen as 'Sad Green or Happy Green', it really depends on how you'll translate it. 

How do you feel like this morning?
And which "GREEN" would you like to pick for today?? Your personal feeling and your desires might show depending on which photo you'll pick...

As for me, I love the bottom "GREEN" for today because I have a strong & lively personality, hahaha !!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Located in the heart of 'SURFERS PARADISE' Orchid Avenue.

Our showroom is in a good position where it's convenient, spacy, easy to spot and environmentally friendly!!
Just find Orchid Avenue, look for the "COLOR" and the "ROCK" displayed infront then you won't miss Gemstory... 

Another way to find our beautiful showroom is, to locate the new Hotel "HILTON RESORT" ...
There's 2 Hilton units, standing right on the corner of Cavill Avenue & Surfers Paradise Boulevard.
This is just beautiful... and I hope you'r all enjoying a day like this in Surfers Paradise!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Monday, May 14, 2012

Enjoying the hardwork...

They are our original designed items and can not be found anywhere else but here.
They are extremely affordable, pretty and special. 

Before making these bracelets, we take time to prepare the parts like the picture showing here, so that the little parts will enhance over all image...

And that's what an "ORIGINALITY" is all about!!!

Creating new products is not always easy... You need to use your imagination, take time to plan & to prepare, make each item with extra care and lots of love, but the most important part would be "ENJOY WHAT YOU MAKE" !!! 

Then everyone will see all your hardworks....  (^^)

xxxx     Malayvone

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here is my new creation...

Crystal Opal Beads Bracelet with other semi-precious gemstone like red coral.


Also helps you to have courage and passion ... because if you are without it, people won't hear your voice and your thoughts will be ignored.
The color of 'RED' helps you in gaining more energy as well, and that means it shall bring you lots of love and cussess in life if you believe in this...

Well, I think 'RED IS MY COLOR' ...hehehe.

xxxx      Malayvone 

Mother's Day

What's your plan for mother's day??

A lovely little girl selected
a mother's day gift in Gemstory!!

Opal is her mom's birth stone
and this 8 years old girl has been planning to give
an opal gift for mom for such a long time.

How thoughtful she is!!

"with a lot of LOVE"


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

design by Irene Neuwirth

This amazing work is created by Irene Neuwirth,
which is a privately owned fine jewelry company
based in Los Angeles.  

Founded in 2003 by designer Irene Neuwirth
and business partner Tracy Stoll,
the company has emerged
as a leading jewelry brand in the US,
recognized by its uniquely modern and sophisticated designs.
The Irene Neuwirth collections are
widely anticipated season to season
by a fashion-forward and discriminating clientele,
who have come to expect a line
that delivers a precise balance between timeless,
collectable jewelry and
the ultimate modern fashion statement.

Her design is one of a kind,
energetic and espesially,
her remarkable creativity
 shows the beauty of opal as a modern
and fashion forward!!!  

I wish people realise the true beauty of opal
by her design and start loving opal!!

(All pictures are from

xxx Mayu

Friday, May 4, 2012

opal mosaic egg!?

In 1967 internationally renowned sculptor,
 silversmith and jewellery designer Stuart Devlin
started making unique decorative Easter eggs
 for which he is well known;
the egg he made in 1974 contained an Opal mosaic
 and is a renowned objet d’virtu.
Devlin gifted his decoratively jewelled eggs to his patrons,
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II amongst them.
( sorced by )

Look how many pieces involved!!
And each of them have such colours and patterns...

It almost looks like painted.

What a fantastic collaboration
amazing opals created by the nature
and an amazing art created by a human being!!!!!

xxx Mayu

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

natural shape in a simple design

May starts from today, time flies so quick!!

Opal is such an unique gemstone.
Especially Boulder Opal,
because of its uique formation of
ironstone and opalise area,
it usually comes with a natural free shape and
it can be designed very special piece
that nobody won't wear the same.

What a shape!!!
No other gemstone won't be enjoyed by a shape like this.

what makes it looks so special is
the way changing colours from top to bottom,
 pinfire of greens, a large broad pattern in the middle and nicely brushed touch of gold and red like a gradation.

Therefore, there is not many things to do
to enhance its  beauty.

I believe that simple is the best!!

xxx Mayu