Wednesday, February 29, 2012

be a part of the sea

Good afternoon.
A new collection of gorgeous,
high-quality genuine Black Opal
has just arrived at Opal Direct.

( Solid Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, 2.20carat $2.000 )

I am very familiar with the picture in this opal.

When I dive into the ocean and go deep,
I always look upward and
enjoy the glinting water, 
a group of swimming fish
and sunlight coming through the water.

In this opal,
I see some turtles or
a large manta and stingrays
are swimming in the ocean...

It reminds me
how calm and beautiful being a part of the sea is.

For more pictures,
please visit Opal Direct.

Have a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainbow colour Boulder Opal


How did you start your brand new week??

I visited Byron Bay, had a really goodtime :)

So I started my new week in a great mood!!

Moreover, what just made me more excited is,,,,,


How come it has those incredible colours !?!?!?

Can't explain.....

Better to watch this video!!!!!

Love it :)

Have a lovely afternoon xxx

Sunday, February 26, 2012


LOVE the "change of weather" in Gold Coast .....

One munite it was a perfect blue sky, the next minute it's just so dramatic with wind & heavy rain !!!!

And when you're about to get ready, look for your umbrella & wear a raincoat to go out, the rain's stopped and start to show the sunlight again.....


"Happy weather", "Happy Gold Coast", and "Happy weekend" everyone !

xxxx      Malayvone

Saturday, February 25, 2012

a fun of design


Yesterday, I introduced this amazing boulder opal to you.

So that, a jewellery designer,
Malayvone has created special designs for it!!

My favorite ...

Like a parrot !!! 

So much fun to imagine how to design it....

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Friday, February 24, 2012

Things that cheer me up


Is  an another storm coming soon???

Very "Doubtable clouds" is just there......

In the cloudy day like this,
I want to share a beautiful opal with you,
to cheer me up!!

( Solid Australian Boulder Opal, from Winton, QLD )

What a twinkle colour.........

Having a play of lustrous rainbow colours
in splashed water.

Beautiful gemstone always makes me feel great,
just by looking at it.

As well as beautiful flowers :)

Have a lovely day xxx

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am happy to introduce this new design of ours and before we are able to take pictures & list it up on our website, this item has already been "SOLD" to a Japanese customer !!

I think it was his first site love when I've talked about this item on the facebook.... "THANK YOU".
Many might imagine the color beautiful deep ocean from this bracelet, but as for me, this color also reminds me of Australian flag...

Well, whatever you can imagine from this bracelet, I am just happy that my facebook friend has fell in love with it the moment he laid eyes on it (hahahahaha) !!!
Have another great day everyone....

xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eye catchy


This is our NO.1 eye catching opal!!

( Solid Australian Boulder Opal 33.50carat from Queenland )

Custmers say,

"Wow it is HUGE!!!"

"What a colour!!"

"Lile the ocean!!"

".......Just beautiful!!"

It says,

" Yes I am : ) "

Please visit our website,
to find out more....

Have a lovely day xxx

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here is our another new creative, new line introduced by

A very popular "original, hand made beads collection" which are sold for the competitive price ( A$25 - A$55 each) in our store.
Our price is extremely low simply because we don't ask for the laboring cost or the design's just the price of 'MATERIAL USED' on each item, that's all !!!

The little 'seed bead hoop' is also hand created one by one, to add in the design, when completing a new bead bracelet....
It involves a lot of concentration and patient as you can imagine.

Well, we LOVE our job and everyday is challenging to seek for the new idea...hope you'll love our creations as much as we enjoy making one !!!! Have a wonderful day today.

xxxx    Malayvone

Saturday, February 18, 2012

An ameba opal


Isn't it a funny shape???

It is one of our old collection, ( It's been sold, sorry!!)
looks like "an AMEBA"!!

It is almost ready to move!!!

It naturally came out with its shape,
our designer enjoyed designing it.

Opal is so special.....

Have a lovely night xxx

Friday, February 17, 2012

Twinkle twinkle ring!!

Good afternoon.

How is your day going??

Today I am taking pictures for new opal jewelleries.

I introduce one of them :)

Very cool colour Boulder opal,
with a lot of cubic zirconias around!!!

Of course it's by hands.

A stylish & twinkle ring is
for all the ladies who love jewellery!!

Check this out from here!!!

Have a lovely day xxx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solid or Triplet ?

Good afternoon!!

I found "a Poodle" in the sky!!!

Beautiful weather in Gold Coast.

Well, Have a look at the picture below.

One more.

To tell the truth,
Opals in one of the picture are all FAKE,
the other ones are SOLID.

Can you guess?????

Here is the answer.

Solid opals.

Fake opals called "TRIPLET".

If you are an opal lover, you should know what the Triplet is.

Triplet Opal is “Thin slice of precious opal glued between crystal cap on top and black backing.”

Therefore, it is not accepted as a gemstone because they are made most of plastic with very thin slice of white opal. Of course, the beauty doesn’t last forever.

It is really sad
many people get confused
between the quality and discount rates.

Please be able to ask
a question to a shop staff
before you purchase anything.

It shouldn't be expensive.
Water or strong lightings can make the colours fade.
No one can guarantee you that its quality last forever.....

Have a read more information from our website
and get smarter!!!

Have a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

What is your plan on this special day????

Romantic dinner??
A hundred of rose???
Champagne in a gorgeous bar???

I had a young lovely Australian couple,
looking for a Valentine's day gift :) 

They found a nice gift in Gemstory!!

Romantic pink Rose Quartz brings more LOVE for them,
Shiny pearl will raise their relationship tightly.....

Wish you all have a wonderful day with your loved one!!!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

New desiner's Pendant

Good evening from Gold Coast.

Some new items have arrieved...

I fall in LOVE with it!!!

( Solid Australian Boulder Opal Pendant in Sterling Silver )

Again, my favorite design motif, FISHY!!!

On my neck, it almost looks like swimming in the ocean calmly.......

I love its delicate silver handiwork beside the opal too.

And don't forget.
There is a Labradorite too, it makes its whole looking more brilliant!!

If you wear it with a leather chain like the picture, you enjoy it on a casual occasion.

On the other hand, wear it with a beautiful Omega chain.
It will look luxurious!!!

Please contact us for further information.

Have a lovely weekend xxx


Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashy green Black Opal

Good afternoon.

Does anyone like flashing green!!??

There you are :)

( Solid Australian Black Opal Loose Stone 0.91carat $180 )

It is a good size to wear every day,
such a high quality black opal with a strong green flash on a really dark body tone.

I really like its shape too.

This beautiful Black Opal changes its colour largely.
So once you have it set in a nice gold casting,
it will look brighter and larger more than the way it is.

To see more details,
visit our website.....

Have a lovely evening xxx

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New!! Boulder Opal Bangle!!


Today I'd like to introduce one of our new silver jewelleries.

(Solid Australian Boulder Opal Bangle in Silver, 18k YG with Diamonds and Citrine )

As you can see, it is a hand-made item, using unique Boulder Opal from Queensland.

Naturally cut and polished Boulder opal
has a powerful looking and the design in silver
enhances its beauty dramatically.

Very modern and adorable bangle!!!

Only one is avairable, so check this out quickly!!

More details, please contact us.

Have a lovely day xxx

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Remembering my last trip to an amazing isolated town - LIGHTNING RIDGE !!

It took us about 10 hours driving from GOLD COAST CITY and the road was quite smooth ....

Our friend, a black opal miner at the 'sheepyard' demonstrated his skills in mining and his hard-work.
We wish he'll find some good pieces from all the dirt he's dugged...

Hummmm.... 'good try' but sadly there's hardly any QUALITY BLACK OPAL from the whole bucket.

Well, let's see what is available this time and we will have to continue contacting each other, my friend... It's hot, sometimes flooded and there's not much luck this time.

We shall return again soon !!!!

xxxx     Malayvone