Friday, August 31, 2012

Opal watches by top brand!!

Black Opal is a world's finest gemstone,therefore there is a lot of high fashion brands and icons got passionated by its beauty.
By Christian Dior, "D" watch. Diamonds around of an opal face, all the work done by hand for sure. Simplicity turns into elegancy.
Piaget 'Dancer', in 18karat yellow gold and Diamond bezel. It's breathtaking.... 

LOUIS MOINET – “Treasures of the World” Australian Opal watch
The Louis Moinet world tour continues! Its new concept of unique “Treasures of the World” models now takes us to Australia. In association with Daniel Haas, world-famous specialist and artisan in the field of precious stones, Jean-Marie Schaller travelled the globe looking for the finest gems. An outstanding exclusive model from Louis Moinet.
The magnificent beauty obviously fascinated fashion leaders in all over the world...
Lastly, thank you for sharing those pictures with us,!!
xxx mayu



Monday, August 27, 2012

An Opal from Koroit

We have less than 4 days to go for Spring,
here in Gold coast...
Exciting??? Yes, very much!!!
Such as my feeling right now,
we have got a new exciting beauty.

An 100% natural,
 Boulder Opal from Koroit, QLD.
In general, this field is famous for Matrix Opal,
which is an opal mixed with the parent rock (ironstone) .
like a picture below.
Because the special formation of ground,
which creats rare and unique Boulder opals,
the opal has vivid red, green, yellow, blue
and so on, involved with a natural looking ironstone.

Soft, but joyful rainbow colours in a good shape
is definitely hard to come...
It would be a so much fun for you!!
To see more photos,
click here to jump our website.
Thank you & have a great afternoon.
xxx Mayu

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love "PURPLE POWER" ??!?

Purple ... A color for 'Power, Romance, Nobility Consentration and Ambition' !!

If you are looking for a new romance, perhaps you'd like to wear a purplish pink dress to impress at the party ... Or just carry some little charms in purple color to gain your power for a special occasion.

For me, it is just simply beautiful & feminine to look at this color.
Not too dull nor too flashy ... It is a special color for a mature woman, I reckon!

So, when was your last time wearing a nice, purple dress to go out? Maybe it's about time to check your woredrobes, hehehe.

xxxx    Malayvone

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going, Going, Gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solid, Australian Boulder Opal loose stone, with a vivid, silky orange & red fire across the face....

Our new BABY is sold as soon as we have listed it on the website ... Well, I can't blame the situation, since a beautiful, flashy red colored opal like this won't come around easily!

See how it reveals the "RAINBOW COLOR" here? Not just the bright red or orange, but it also changes to a deep violet, mysterious blue and forest green ...

No matter how or where you look at it from, all direction will show some dramatic colors and you just don't want to take your sights away from this beautiful piece!!!

Australia, this is what Queensland Boulder Opal is all about, hahaha.

xxxx      Malayvone

Thursday, August 9, 2012

painting on the universe

Good afternoon from Gold Coast!!!

Getting warmer here recently,
I guess winter will end very soon!!

Also, here is another happy news,
a new  black opal,"RED ON BLACK"!!

It looks like someone painted red colour
with a brush, using the universe as a canvas ...

I have to say the painter had a really passionate feeling!!

See more photos???
Click here to go Opal Direct website!!

xxx Mayu

Sunday, August 5, 2012

boulder opal mine

Our Boulder Opal mine is
at an extremly remote location,
travelling from Brisbane takes
a total of 35 hours on rugged bush track.

To locate the opal, the first step is
to drill into the grounds to find evidence of opal,
which is called "Opal level"
- stone layer that has a high possibility of containing opal.

An excavator is a fast way of getting opal level.
The biggest challenge to most opal miners
 is the cost of diesel.....
All Australian Opal is becoming significantly
 more expensive to mine.....

Miners crack the unearthed rock using with large hammers.
They look for the opal inside.

Most Qust Queensland opal forms inside the rock,
hence the name Boulder Opal.


This is what all the hard work is for,
beautiful wonderful opal!!!!!

By the way, after all mining has been completed
we will return the enviroment back to the way it was.

Want to learn more about Australian Opal??

xxx mayu