Monday, November 20, 2017

Original Opal, Original Design.

We create opal jewelry with passion  (^^)

All our opal jewelry is handmade and 
truly 'one and only'  ...

And there is always a story behind each individual 
beautiful opal jewelry.

This beautiful solid Australian boulder opal loose stone 
which our customer has selected ...

We provide all necessary details and exact measurements of an opal to begin with, then we ask what kind of material (materials) they request.

The budget, time frame (how long they can wait), the usage (how they'll use opal jewelry), etc ...  

At the same time, we provide information on 
how they should look after the opal jewelry, 
ways to clean it and to love it, that opal in this quality 
can not be replaced with money.

More we discuss with our customers, 
more they'll understand & appreciate their opal 
so we must do our best to keep 'opal lovers' happy 
in our business. 

That how we should be running our business 
if to deal with beautiful opal !! 

Now, these are from the same opal field in Queensland.
One customer would like to have them all fr herself
and I am going to design a pendant & a ring ...

Beautiful Australian boulder opal 
can never be this pretty !!!

For more details ... 

xxxx       Malayvone