Sunday, October 16, 2016


Well, I just returned from Sapporo where the 
" watch & jewelry show " was held for 4 days last week in Grand Hotel New Oji.

And to stand out a bit in the crowd (haha), I decided to wear LAO traditional dress during the event this time.

Color's bright and silky, looks like opal colors right ?!?   ^^

Our displays is always simple ...
As you can see, all opal is nicely placed in the loose case and individually protected by the glass top.

Easy to care and see the prices, super 'clean' so that our customers can view and examine the quality of opal in a second. 

Here's BEFORE vs AFTER ... very professional !

The preparations in the hotel function room normally takes about 3 ~ 5 hours and then ready to invite all 'gem & jewelry lovers' the next day.

The show went really well, another great jewelry event we had in Sapporo with friends and associates, we will be back again for sure early next year !!

Thanks for a great time & cheers everyone.   

And ...
Never forget to enjoy this yummy Japanese sake & wonderful Japanese cuisine after a long, hard working day.
Eat, drink up, laugh, cry of joy and get ready for another miracle. 

This is life  (^^)
A wonderful life with beautiful black opal & boulder opal.

Love Japan !!!  

It's getting cold and missing Gold Coast lately.

xxxx    Malayvone