Tuesday, November 18, 2014

KYOTO MINERAL SHOW has been successful !!

JAPAN has welcomed us again ...

(photos are taken in October)

This time, first time, we were attending the show 
in Kyoto City!

The city of architecture, kimono and beautiful scenery.  

I have met some happy faces, 
who happens to be my facebook friends ..

World is too small, connection (SNS) is 
too fast, too wide, too big.

Continuously attending overseas show is not easy.

Australian black opal & boulder opal is not 
much available these days, 
some boulder rock is too heavy to carry and
too much paperworks involved, before we can 
even take these gems into another country ...

But not a problem !!  

As long as I keep loving & enjoying my work, 
and having some good fun in Japan

This show has been a great successful one for me and my partner but a bit emotional at the same time, 
because my very favorite piece of "Boulder Opal Loose" 
had been sold.

Well, still OK since I like my buyer ... ^^
He's a handsome, gentleman!! 

Getting ready for another show in Japan.
Coming December 5th ~ 8th, will be held in Ikebukuro.

Check it out ...

It must be really cold over there now ... 
that part, I do not like very much, hehe.

Love the sunshine in Gold Coast, my PARADISE !!!

xxxx      Malayvone