Tuesday, February 26, 2013

☆ Cairns ☆


I had a great holiday in Cairns

2.5 hours from Gold Coast by airplane 飛行機 のデコメ絵文字
It's really tropical in Cairns


A very popular spot is KURANDA
There are many artistic market


Lovely  Coconuts....

You can go to a Jungle walk near the market*きゃわたん* の画像
you can also see Baron Falls

There is a historical railway station called 
"Kuranda Station"   電車 の画像
very lovely


Take a boat to the Great Barrier Reef

There is a wondeful island called Green island
You can swim here and see many fish


さかな・魚・キャラクター・マリン・夏 のデコメ絵文字
さかな・魚・キャラクター・マリン・夏 のデコメ絵文字
さかな・魚・キャラクター・マリン・夏 のデコメ絵文字
さかな・魚・キャラクター・マリン・夏 のデコメ絵文字

魚 の画像魚 の画像魚 の画像魚 の画像魚 の画像

We must protect wonderful place like the Great Barrier Reef
as natural wonders of this world

By the way, Boulder Opal only comes from QLD
over 5 millions years of history ...

It is a treasure of Australia

Natural Boulder Opal Loose Stone ODD896

*きゃわたん* の画像

*きゃわたん* の画像

That's why they have such precious & unique colour

~Have a Good Day~

*きゃわたん* の画像*きゃわたん* の画像*きゃわたん* の画像
xxx miyuki

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

☆ My Favorite Cafe ☆

Hi, everyone! (^o^)/

How are you?

Let me introduce my favorite cafe,
it's very popular among local people everyday キラキラ デコメ絵文字



The place is called "Madam Tojo Cafe" コーヒー デコメ絵文字
sometimes I go there for lunch.

Madam Tojo is in Chirn Park

It's a very FUNKY cafe
Please look at inside....


How do you think?

The interiors are classic French style,

very relaxing atmosphere there ニコちゃん*花デコメ絵文字

My recommended drink is this ......


Guess What??? ~(・・?))(((;・・)?

This is a Lemon Glass Tea 猫 お茶 マッタリ デコメ絵文字
☆☆☆Highly recommended ☆☆☆

After relax, now i am thinking a new anklet design!
I can show you a little bit....プレゼント デコメ絵文字


This item will be introduced on our shopping site
bijew soon~
Please come & find your 1 & only ハートデコメ絵文字

Have a good day!
xxx Miyuki

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

★Beautiful Crabs★

Hi, everyone!  (^o^)/
This is the Southport foreshore
From here, I can see Palazzo Versace Hotel & Surfers Paradise

Whem you walking on the beach,
you can see  little blue crabs

 きゃわたん★~音符~ラッパッパ★ のデコメ絵文字

Crabs looks like smiling

きゃわたん★~音符~ラッパッパ★ のデコメ絵文字

~If you smile, everybody will smile with you~

The crabs makes me  remember my favorite black opal 

Natural Black Opal Loose Stone ODK2185

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Black opal loose stone (ODK2185)

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Have a good Valentine's Day tomorrow!!!

 きゃわたん★~音符~あなたゎラッパッパの音符♪マークどこにつける? のデコメ絵文字きゃわたん★~音符~あなたゎラッパッパの音符♪マークどこにつける? のデコメ絵文字