Sunday, October 30, 2011


Anyone knows where LIGHTNING RIDGE is?

Lightning Ridge is a place where it's famous for beautiful Black Opals and it is about 1000km from Gold Coast (where I live..)!!

Very isolated, remote area so if you are driving alone to this place, be very careful and make sure that you book your accommodation before heading....

We are going to Lightning Ridge opal fields in mid November with some oversea clients for education and new research.
And meeting some of our friends who are hardworking to find quality Black Opals for us everyday.

Without our friends, we won't be able to introduce our Black Opals to the world and it is our friends who will be welcoming us when we are at the Ridge!

Hoping to meet our friends soon & have some Aussie Beer with them too (hahaha)....

xxxx    Malayvone

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doublet Opal

The other day I explained about Triplet Opal on this blog. So today, I will talk about Doublet Opal here.

As I mentioned before, Doublet opal is man-made opal.
It's usually two pieces cemented together. It is made by cementing a white or crystal opal on top of a dark back that enhances the colour.

It is not difficult to find Doublet Opal in an opal shop or jewellery shop in Australia. Sometimes, they are expensive than low quality solid opal because of the brightness of the colour and pattern. Confusingly, some shops introduce it as a "Solid Doublet Opal"...

Don’t forget, the “beauty” on Doublet is created by human using glue, and it’s never last for long time. The colour will fade eventually…

Look at this picture below. To make Doublet Opal, people use a natural potch (right) or an ironstone (left). 
They look so natural, don't they?

In a common way to make Doublet Opal, it should have a straight line between opalized area and ironstone, like the picure below.
Now, the new technology can make a natural line.  Have a look at this!!!!
Can you see how natural the line is?

It's very confusing.....

Please be aware of man-made opal, choose an opal carefully.
I would like you to have a right opal in a reasonable price without making a mistake.
Then you will love your opal forever and pass it to the next  generation.
That's how you enjoy a good gemstone!!

To get more information, visit our website or contact us.

Have a lovely evening!x

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A traffic light opal

We call this opal "traffic light".

It has very strong flashing pattern, although it's hard to show its brightness on a picture.

Please take a look the clip below.

I hope you now understand why we call it traffic light!!

Flashing rainbow colour is one of the hardest pattern to find.

As I said before, no two opals comes the same. So we never be able to replace an opal once it's sold.

To see more information about this beautiful boulder opal, please visit our website.

Have a lovely night.x

Saturday, October 22, 2011

V8 Supercars championship

Today, it is a race day of the V8 Supercars championship in Gold Coast!!!!!

There are many people visiting here for the race and all excited!!!!

This event is going on until tomorrow.
Visit Gold Coast to enjoy nice weather, sound of racing cars, beautiful and sexy ladies wearing bikini or special costume and yammy berrs!!!

Who is going to be a winner!?!?

Official HP

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Look at this beautiful flowers!

Our friendly neighbour has brought such beautiful flowers for us, and they are freshly picked from his garden!! 

What a vivid red color, its stem is so thick and the petal is so silky smooth, healthy looking just like plastic.... hahahah  (^^,)
So beautiful these flowers has enhanced our day, made us feel like "lady" everytime we grance at them.

At the same time, they also reminds me of  some
exquisite black opal red colors.
Just stunning, wonderful, enlighting, gorgeous!!!!

xxxx Malayvone

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chinese writing "KANJI" pattern!!

 Interesting patterns of the diffracted colours are rare and when combined with brilliance, have an enormous impact on the value. Small type patterns are less desiable than broad patterns such as rolling flash, straw pattern, Chinese writing, ribbon and harlequin are highly sought after.
So, this very rare "Chinese writing"opal amazed me a lot!!
How perfect it is...

Have a look at this.
Visit our website to see this beautiful black opal.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


WOW, what a weather !!!

We had a STORM in Gold Coast yesterday and the picture here is showing how unusual
the weather was, after the storm has calmed...

Two Black opal loose stones has just came
across my mind while staring at the photo

The BLUE color and the depth of these two pieces somehow looks similar to the "Stormed Sky Blue" to me and very often, the beauty of each opal can relate to the beauty of nature or the daily weather....

Anyway, thank GOD we're all still in one piece after what happened yesterday!!! Today is lovely in Gold Coast.
xxxx Malayvone

Thursday, October 13, 2011


How much RED can you have in Black Opal?
These pictures showing here is considered as
'RED RANGE' but they are not just boring red.
They are vivid, mix colored, unique patteren, etc.

One might be called 'Orangish Red'... another is 'Bluish Red' or 'Golden Red'.
Whatever color jumped into your eyes, if there is some
sort of red color involved in Black opal family, it will be consirered as RARE RANGE today.
AUSTRALIAN OPAL is super special, thankfully
because there is no beauty like Black opal & Boulder opal which shows such VIVID COLORS !!!!

I just love this gemstone for its individual characters.
Have a good day again!

xxxx    Malayvone

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This picture is not the best, but....


Both Black Opal loose stones are about 5.0ct each, one on Left is a bit flatter than the other piece, but its pattern is so famous and it's called "CHINESE WRITING PATTERN" .

As the picture clearly shows here, it has 'criss - crossed' lines just like a beautiful painting or a stroke of brush on a black canvas...
And sure you know this beauty can not be repeated like an ordinary paintings!!!   

Let's wait and see who will fall in love with our new, collectable piece! Have another great day.

xxxx    Malayvone   

Monday, October 10, 2011


What a way to enjoy your lifestyle in Gold Coast!
A beautiful BLUE SKY, GREEN LAWNS, RAINBOW GARDEN, and just crystal clear air....

See two images here?

And see the connection between these photos??

Both are real, nature created and it's PRICELESS!!!!

Australia is a wonderful place to be and at the same time, Australian National gemstone is the best item to remember how beautiful the scienic is when you are away from this country!!!!


xxxx    Malayvone

Friday, October 7, 2011


Introducing our popular  new line "semi-precious gemstone bead bracelet".....

This particular item was made for a 2 years old girl, who was having her Birthday and everything she likes is with "Pink & Purple" color!!

Her mother cordinates her in Pink dress on her 2nd Birthday, so I have made this bracelet to go with her dress.
Fortunately, she loved it, the bead bracelet looks super cute on her fair skin and she seem to enjoy her birthday with her new jewellery collection!!!

Happy Birthday girl.....    ^^

xxxx    Malayvone

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Are you proud to be "AUSTRALIAN"? Well, I am.
Born in LAOS, raised in JAPAN and now living in Gold Coast, being 'AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN' is a bit different....

Wherever you are, I guess there's GOOD & BAD and that there is NATIONAL GEMSTONE which represents each country.
I feel that I am lucky to be where I am now, because of the beautiful weather, unique culture and because of this "super unique gemstone". 

OPAL might not be the most famous, easy to care, flashy mineral on earth, but it is quite precious and extrordinary....
The more you understand about this beauty, the more you can be proud of being an AUSSIE !!!!!
Love this job!

xxxx    Malayvone


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flood of Colours...

 "A marvel of beauty"

Our Mother Earth has created such an amazing gemstone for a long time...
Australian solid boulder opal 10.22carat
No other gemstone has play of color, like Australian black and boulder opal have.

The truth of today's mine, expenses to use machines and petrol costs have been increasing. Also, the annual amount of mining has been reducing, then many miners have left from mining.

Enjoy our precious gems!!