Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Many people says that they're proud of being 
who they are and what they do, where they're from. 

Well, I am one of them too.  
Being a "Laotian" (Lao People) 
makes me feeling special !!

When I look at beautiful opals like these ... their color reminds me of Lao traditional dress, which I often wear or have worn at Lao party many times before.

Doesn't it resembles Lao's beautiful dress like above?
Nice and bright, elegant and very silky ...

When I was younger, I dancedin front of 500+
people who attended to my cousin's wedding, 
wearing Lao silk dress, colors exactly like the opal color showing here ...

Red, Gold, Orange, just 'firely' and 'passionate' 
and 'brightest' - breathtaking and unbelievably gorgeous, every time I wear Lao traditional dress, 
it made me feel like I was a super star, feeling really 
special & the best, with pride!!

Perhaps, these opals are also 'feeling' the same (?!)

Being Australian, being Solid ... and being 
'Red / Orange' colors, being black opal or boulder opal .. 
standing right up, above any other colors, 
must be feeling the greatest !!!

Of course, many other colors are beautiful in their own.
To see our huge collection, 
please check this site out.

Just be confident and happy, when you see & touch 
this amazing colors ...

As for me, it's the color of my life, my passion, 
my dream and happiest memories of my country, 
LAOS  (^^)

Only Australian Opal can show colors like this!!

Love Australia, Love Australian Opals and
Love the color of Lao traditional dress ...
Have a nice day everyone!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Friday, August 22, 2014

Your "Favorite Opal" is ... ?!?

The following 5 images, 
all are Australian Boulder Opals !!!!!

Hand engraving Boulder Opal Skulls ... 
just the right feeling in hands  (^^)

A simple, hand set opal jewelry into a silver, 
very popular and common way to enjoy the beauty of 
quality, Australian Boulder Opals.

Sometimes, some opal lovers, men or women, 
it does not really matter, would like to enjoy its natural beauty by just hanging an opal against your bare skin ...

New way to enjoy Australian Boulder Opal 
for young & mature.

Some might just be happy to adore this gemstone 
by placing it on their desk, collection cabinet at home, carrying it around wherever they go ...

Stare at the beautiful, natural Boulder Opal Rock, 
day and night.   


Another opal lover might want to try and polish, 
showing its maximum best ... 
ready to set into a nice piece of jewelry or 
ready to be seen and touched, offered by the opal admire. 

Whatever your intention might be, 
the circumstances might be, you have all this different ways to enjoy natural Australian Boulder Opals.

Something can never be repeated,
so please select your 'favorite opal' wisely, 
while it's available !!!   

Study & see more 

xxxx     Malayvone

Monday, August 18, 2014

Black Opal Ring for a SPECIAL PERSON ...

Like this ring ?!?

The best way to show your appreciation, 
for someone truly beautiful, someone who's always by your side, the one who really cares for you ... 
like your "mother" (^^)

Looking to buy the real treasure for my mother 
was not an easy task, I must admit !!

She's my mother (haha) - meaning, 
she's a bit fussy, very particular and she won't give a compliment if you give her anything 
that's not 'right'...

Took me a year to find this amazing 
Platinum & Diamonds ring - with such vivid colored, 
solid Australian black opal from Japan last month !!!
YES, "from Japan", I said  

A great Japanese facebook friend, who happens to be a 'Diamond Dealer in Tokyo' had this 
black opal ring for years ... 

and was ready to release it just for me, under the 'right price' because the design, quality, ring size and everything, 
was "PERFECT" to my mother's image !! 

DESTINY - I call it ♪

First sight love, the moment I laid my eyes on this black opal ring, something just clicked and there I go, 
I was ready to pay for it and 
bring back to Australia with me
for my mother ♪♪ 

Did she like it ?!?

Well, you can be the judge - 
by looking at her smile here ...  

Another beautiful day in Gold Coast, 
another happy day for our family, and another day 
for us to look after online customers, 
the opal buyers who's looking for a beautiful piece 
of Australian opal, 
just like what I've picked for my mother !!!

Life is perfect, like today's blue sky... lol

xxxx     Malayvone

Friday, August 8, 2014

OPAL QUEEN in Gold Coast !!!

OPAL QUEEN is here !!!

Once a year, there is an exciting event 
held in Gold Coast ... 
it is called 

My partner and I have been visiting & supporting 
this event for the past 8 years and it's just 
getting bigger & bigger   (^^)

Beautiful & happy faces as usual, 
what more could you ask for ?!?

Friendly, amusing, full of energy and $$$$$ smiles ...

Sometimes you accidentally bump into a surprise, 
not been aware of who'll be there in 2 days show. 

A handsome gentleman from Germany, 
for instance ... haha !!

A huge rock - a millionaires' collection   (><) 

Gold Coast is beautiful today!!!
Come and join us to see this amazing show ... 
it's never too late to WAKE UP  (^^)

xxxx     Malayvone