Tuesday, December 29, 2015


TOP GEM  ...
This is color of love & happiness.

Using opal colors and patterns to create 
a millionaire's ART !!

This piece of art can never be re-created as each 
individual opal can never be repeated.

Lots of opals here is SOLD ...

Started as taking photos of our beautiful, 
rainbow collection from Australia 
(black opal & boulder opal), 

... enlarge each opal images and select the best part.    

Line them up in color scheme then.

100 pieces of colorful opal becomes this 
incredible ART PIECE !!  

Cut in opal shape and here it is ... 

TOP GEM  from Australia.   

Love Australian black opal & boulder opal 
for their brightness, uniqueness, 
rareness and preciousness.

If this art was to be created with other kind of opals 
(such as white opal, welo opal, mexico opal, etc ...) 
the whole outcome will be completely different 
and it may not be as bright as this.

Anyway, life is beautiful & should be colorful just like Australian top opals.

A Happy New Year !!!!!!

Hope our associates, family, friends, opal lovers 
and clients will have lots of "happy colors" 
like this in year 2016.

And thanks for your continuous support, 
heaps of appreciation to my friends who's working 
so hard out in the bush  just to find one, 
new opals in the heat  ...  

Without our miners, we won't be here today, 
doing what we love!

Thanks & Love you all ♪


And my new year's resolution ?!?

"More opal for more happiness"  

xxxx       Malayvone    

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Best of the best from Australia !!

Beautiful Australian Black Opal ...

Black Opal is a precious gem stone which is found only in Australia in the past 100 years. 

This is quite a recent find compare to other gems. 

The production of Black Opal has been dramatically reduced in the past 10 years. 

This is because Black Opal is extremely difficult to find and many Lightning Ridge (Black Opal field) miners 
have left the field with empty pockets. 

It is now almost impossible to run the machinery due to the high cost of petrol, as well as all other expenses.

So we hope you'll treat your black opal from 
Lightning Ridge extra careful & love. 

Money can not replace this beauty.
Guaranteed !!


For more information on black opal, please read  : 

HP  :    www.gemstory.com.au

And to turn your amazing opal loose stone 
into a stunning opal jewelry, 
please feel free to contact us anytime. 

Beautiful gold & diamond 
adds up the value on quality opals.

Love Australian black opals.

Best of the best !!!

xxxx     Malayvone 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Selling, Selling, "SOLD" !!!

Selling more and more of 'HIGH QUALITY' 
pieces like this ...

Solid, Australian black opal loose stone, 
nice proportion with medium dome cabochon, 
has over 7.0ct in size, showing some large & beautiful pattern, has 'play of color' and comes with a very dark, 
black body tone !!

And the price is right !!!   (^^)

What more could you ask for ??!? 

Check out our new collection, which we've just listed online today.

Now that we need new quality opals to replace 
what's been sold lately ...

Our fear is the production of Lightning Ridge's 
black opal is so low and the price is sky rocking. 

The miner is struggling to find any new, 
bright opals with dark body tone in opal mine.

How much more can the miner 
continue mining opals ?

How much more the price of this 'rare gem' 
will continue going up ??

Only GOD knows, haha.

Anyway, while our quality opal's still 
available to be purchased online, 
do not miss out a chance everyone.
Keep looking for special pieces because 
our opals won't be around for the current price 
for much longer !!

Less opals therefore more value.
Thanks for your understanding. 

Love Australian black & boulder opal ♪

xxxx    Malayvone