Monday, October 29, 2012

Beyond a square

Australian Boulder Opal, we call it "Picture Opal", always lets me enjoy playing with my imagination.
In this tiny world, I can see a thousand of flowes blooming dazzlingly, grasses having a strong life, and a gentle breeze blowing.
Even it has only 8mm square, there is always a dramatic story or romantic scene in it.
See "what you see"???
Visit Opal Direct website to get an image of over 700 pieces Australian Opal , each piece has a different story :)
xxx Mayu

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Australian Boulder Opal ring in 18k gold

To enjoy a high quality Australian Boulder Opal, Ring is the best way to show off the beauty of an opal.

Here is the excellent piece from centro Queensland, Australia, not only red but also green and blue colours apper dramatically on its surface.
The stone, 2.34carat natural Boulder Opal is mounted in 18karat white gold with Diamonds. 

One-of-a-kind creation set by a well-experienced professional jeweller.  

We are the finest Australian Opal dealer, retailer, exporter and wholesaler by having a stock of over 700 pieces and SOLID OPAL ONLYDue to over 20 years of experience and great connection with opal miners and dealers, we guarantee you the first class customer service, competitive low price and 100% satisfaction!!
It's time to find your one and only Opal jewellery and we are more than happy to help you!! 
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xxx Mayu

Monday, October 22, 2012

What to do on a HOT DAY !!??!

Hello from Gold Coast !!!

Wow, it was really hot and humid yesterday, wasn't it? Well, since it was 'hot' yesterday, all my family could think of was to jump into the swimming pool and save yourselves!
But just don't forget some important rules ... which is to 'Splash sun oils' all over your face & body ... And 'Wear your UV sunglasses' to protect your eyes!!  

But, really, in the end ... This is what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just like "Don't worry, be happy and just hang on to your Daddy" (hahahaha ...)

In the city life like this, we can jump into the pool and cool yourselves ... but in the opal mine, there is no such facility so we only can run to the PUB to avoid the heat and just drink non stop!!! That's AUSTRALIAN WAY to get through the day during summer time ...
Gold Coast is nice and sunny, come and walk along the beach ... You will enjoy your day for sure   (^^)  
xxxx       Malayvone

Friday, October 19, 2012

Armor All Gold Coast 600, 2012!!

The Gold Coast’s biggest party, the Armor All Gold Coast 600 October 19-21 has just started!!!!
(Photo taken by Britt Natolo Photography )
28 leading international drivers challenge on one of the world’s toughest street tracks.
Our neighbourhood, RaceCentre GOLD COAST looks super excited with this huge event and busy with all the racing-car-lovers...

Visit Surfers Paradise to enjoy one of the iconic events on the world motorsport event calendar!! And don't forget to stop by Gemstory to enjoy a wonderful beauty... Opal, National Gemstone of Australia!! You can't go home with empty hand haha :)

xxx Mayu

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lightning Ridge, here we go again!!

Well, well, well ...
Here we are again, at Lightning Ridge with our experienced opal miner "MR. KEN WESTBROOK" !!! Look at his smiling face, must be happy to see us (MAYU next to him) at his PUB - The Sheepyard Pub.

Well, opal miners love to drink day & night, but also love to find opal all day long... When they are not at the pub or on the ground, they're always UNDERGROUND, digging non-stop!!!
And ofcourse, our Lightning Ridge visit won't be completed without a great "Driver Guide - Larry" !!!
Visiting our friends at Black Opal field always made us feel welcoming, busy running around and creating more business for future ... Thank you Ken, Roger and Larry ... Now it's time to fly bacl to Gold Coast by a "Charter Flight" ... Thank you Glen & Andrew for a comfortable flight!! We will see you again ...  (^^)
xxxx    Malayvone

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Boulder Opal silver rings

Couple of new Boulder Opal rings have just arrived at Opal Direct.
This Opal ring is easy to mix and match with your other rings.

If you like more attractive style, this is what you should like!!! It will stand out on your skin...
Our Opal jewellery is made by hand, only qualified jeweller works with it. Simple and delicate design is what they like, to maximize the opal's beauty!!!
Enjoy the natural beauty of Boulder Opal from centro QLD, Australia....
Visit Opal Direct website, now we have a massive October sale!!!!
xxx Mayu

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Opal Sale!!!!

It's a HUGE CHANCE!!!!!!!
Opal Direct, known as Australia's finest SOLID OPAL DEALER, is now having a OCTOBER FEST!!
Any purchase would be 20% off (price as marked), this big oppotunity only happens once a year so don't miss it!!  
Here is some "MUST BUY" items, which never ever come down to the price like that!!
Solid Black Opal loose stone 0.60carat from Lightning Ridge, now only $96!! 

Solid Queensland Boulder Opal 4.65carat, now only $288!!
Solid Australian Boulder Opal silver pendant is now only $320!!!
We have aover 700 pieces as a stock online, so please enjoy the magnificent collection on OPAL DIRECT WEBSITE!!!!!
xxx Mayu

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beautiful customer with beautiful smile ...

Look at this innocent smile ...

A customer from Hong Kong has selected an "inlay opal jewellery" for herself.
She is enjoying her time in Gold Coast, has met alot of friend from all over the world and has also found a memorable item (an opal pendant) for herself ...

You can click here     to see enlarged image of her selected item !!!
I found her not just being young & pretty, but also being very 'smart (in life) and energetic' in everyway ...
With her outgoing character, she can get anything she wants and be whoever she's willing to become in future, no doubt about that!!!
Good on you girl, and "THANK YOU" for a wonderful time together. Please stay who you are, because I love your natural smile ...   (^^)
xxxx     Malayvone

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



OK ... here is a good example of how to show your 'LOVE' to your family! It's not about 'how much money you'll spend' but 'how much time & energy you'll spend' on selecting a special gift for a special person.
This customer was looking for a present for their sister, so I have made an original designed bead bracelet - to suit their 'need' and that was exactly what they were looking for ... Knowing how fussy their sister (in Japan) would be, her favorite color and adding her birthstone, etc.
Anyway, after a little bit of confusion and dilemma, they have finally chosen a piece just for their sister!!!
The color of 'YELLOW' ... represents HAPPINESS and FUN.
This color should bring you lots of good inspiration, vitality, energy and illumination in life !!!!
With their sister's wedding coming in few days time, sure this special 'OPAL BEADS BRACELET'  from AUSTRALIA will add more energy and happiness to her life. Congratulations & Forever happiness...
xxxx    Malayvone

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's "TOAST" for an "OCTOBER" month !!!!

Have you been out, dining lately?
Well in our shop, we always have a " monthly dinner meeting " with staffs and toast for the coming month!!! And look how happy, hungry, thirsty and lovely these FACES are ...  (^^)
When we see good foods & good drinks placed infront of us, our NATURAL SMILE starts to pour out ... and the conversation naturally becomes like a 'melody' instead of an 'argument' .
This time (or should I say, again ...), we went to have an INDIAN in Surfers Paradise!! TAJ PALACE is the name, located underneath of CENTRE POINT TOWER, in the heart of Surfers ...  (^^)
Everytime we visit this place, the staff is welcoming us, the food is extremely delicious and the price is right. FRIENDLY, QUICK, YUMMY, AFFORDABLE ... what more could we ask for, right??!!??
 This month is a special month for our shop, because OCTOBER - represents OPAL  and many opal admires should visit us in the showroom, based on Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD, AUSTRALIA.
If anyone is looking for a quality, Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal, Opal Jewellery or anything at all, please visit us online as well, and find our special offer for October month!!!
XXXX     Malayvone