Sunday, December 29, 2013


Australian Opal - Just individually unique and precious ...
and extremely BEAUTIFUL nothing can be
compared to this gemstone!!
Its color, patterns, character, free formed shape and
of course, its 'rareness' ... Just too unique ♪

Finding one high quality Boulder Opal like what
I am showing here, is a hard sweat ...
The miner must deal with the hot heat all day,
must work in a dusty condition wearing the right gear,
they must spend so much fees and time moving the machinery
& repairing it when it breaks down.
Could you be the one to do it all??!!?

Finding Australian Boulder Opal & Black Opal
is not something many miners could do,
simply because there's too much risks & costs involved,
yet the amount of opal they can find is ... absolutely next to nothing !!!!   (><)  !!!!!

But why are there still some opal miners continue mining??
Well, either they are crazy (hahaha!) or just too much
in love with this gem, they just don't know how to
stop looking for ONE !!!
Once they get involved in mining these
'EXQUISITE OPALS - Black & Boulder' ...
it's in their blood for the rest of their lives. 

As an opal exporter & wholesaler, representing Australia,
I really am proud of my profession -
and thinking "I am one of a CRAZY one too,
been involving in this for the last 20 years" ...  (^^;  
Gold Coast, where I live is so different to the opal mine ... sometimes it is good to be in the field with friends,
but always nice & relaxed to be at home of beautiful beaches.
Have a good afternoon, my friends!!!

xxxx    Malayvone

Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Christmas season & God bless you all !!!!

Hi from Gold Coast ... Just returned from Japan !!
We had a great cold winter and a spectacular
Mineral Showin Tokyo again, just enjoying
every moment of our trip & busy business activity -
introducing Australian Black opal & Boulder opal to all opal admire from worldwide this December  (^^)

Of course, visiting Japn can never exclude all the good food ♪♪
Sukiyaki, Japanese Noodles called 'Ramen' and many other beautiful & cultural cuisines over there ... If anyone has a chance to visit Japan - I promise you won't be disappointed when it comes  to 'great cuisines' for the best value !!!
The freshness, natural & healthy ingredients, largest variety of products, great value and perfect service, you can not complain at all, guaranteed   (^^)
Having stayed in Japan for about 3 weeks - busy working & meeting regular opal buyers ...
Time has passed so quick, by the time I realized,
I was already back in Australia (Gold Coast)
where the season / temperature was totally opposite from Japan !!! (><)

Yet ... somehow, I am still happy to be home ♪
Our Santa appears to be from the 'wave' instead of from the 'north pole' ... wearing a colorful beach shirt, wearing nothing, carrying a surf board  (^^)
A bit unusual, but this is Gold Coast's Santa Clause -
our life saver to be, ahahaha!!!
Merry Christmas everyone, lots of Love & Kiss from
xxxx    Malayvone