Friday, September 28, 2012

Soft and bright

Another exciting piece has just arrived at Opal Direct!!!

A fascinating Boulder Opal pendant (100% natural) with soft and bright green & purple colour, in a simple but elegant style frame.

I would love to wear this!!! Nice and beautiful soft colour Boulder Opal like this doesn't come out easily...

Our qualified & experienced opal cutter and jeweller carefully cut and set into silver.

Great idea to be a birthday gift, Opal is October birthstone...

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xxx Mayu

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Opal jewelleries with celebrity

As you may already know that Australian Black and Boulder Opals has extremely high value, there is no wonder that celebrities love to enjoy that quality...

At the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award or any after party, tremendous beauty certainly show off their figure!!!

Get one for yourself?? Visit Opal Direct's website and our experienced designer will help you, to enphasize your charm amazingly!!

xxx Mayu


Friday, September 21, 2012

Double face black opal


A very new Black Opal with "double face" is now ready to set in a ring....
One side, it shows rich and sparkling blues and greens like a flower garden.
On the other side.... A broad flash comes and goes!! What a fun piece!!


Have a lovely weekend!!
xxx Mayu

Monday, September 17, 2012

Say bye to beautiful opals...That's how I feel !!

It feels like saying good-bye to my good friend, or even BF...haha.Very sad moment has come....
They are my "IT" pieces, always gives me a joy.
He has such an amazing flashy golden green in the adorable shape.

She is a lovely one, a variety of  little touch of colours mixed and blended into one precious piece.

And.... here it is!!T his is a "WOW" baby which shows thousand of faces. No wonder why it attracts everyone who comes to the shop, and for sure it makes wearer feels super confident.
I will miss you... Wish you all the best!!
xxx Mayu

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lightning Ridge ... here I come !!!

And this is how wetook a small group from Japan to there ... by a CHARTER FLIGHT, nice hey?
As always, Lightning Ridge was sunny & dry ... A friendly (??!) place with all sorts of wildlife awaits for our arrivals.
Our good friend, who's been mining opals for about 30 years, was so inviting, he even took us underground to experience the actual mining process!!! What a great friend we have ...
So ... where is a quality opal?
Can you see something's hiding here??
Understanding how rare it becames to find any 'QUALITY PIECE' today, we just had to cut & polish some of the 'POTCH' - Non Colored Opals ...
Well, well, well, are we lucky on not??!!?? May be not this time ... they're too grey, not very bright and too sandy. This won't become a 'GEM QUALITY' unfortunately.
There's always next time & we are heading to L/R again next month!!! See you all soon.
xxxx      Malayvone

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pendant for surfers...

I found my favorite piece, from a new collection of Solid Boulder Opal pendants!!
Do you see the ocean and waves in the design?? I definetely want someone who LOVE SURF to wear it.

Set by hand in Sterling Silver, this solid made pendant will look great on the tanned skin!!
Plus, you can easily swich the leather string to an elegant omega chain, which gives a class on your style.
To check out more details of this adorable pendant, visit OPAL DIRECT WEBSITE.
Now it's available for online shopping!!
xxx Mayu