Monday, March 3, 2014

Opal Designs ... ♪♪


One who is trained in the architectural and
functional knowledge of fabrication techniques,
composition, wearability and
market trends ...
Well, this is what 'Jewelry Designer'
is supposed to be, not sure if I am qualified enough to
call myself  'ONE' but my love for
'creations' is immeasureble  (^^) 
There are many Jewelry Designers who is
so creative with their imaginations, but can not draw ...
Luckily I have no difficulties in doing that part.    


I love to use my imaginations and show it in drawings -
With exact measurements & details !!!

I have been designing jewelry 'OPAL JEWELRY'
(mostly) for many years  - using mainly
Australian Black Opal (Lightning Ridge) and
Boulder Opal (Quilpie & Winton), 
still loving what I do to this day.
Every piece of opal is so beautiful,
unique, colorful, has different shapes and characters ...
I have never get bored designing
opal jewelries because of this reason.

Sometimes, I receive special orders from
my buyers with other gemstones,
such as Australian Sapphire, South Sea Pearl,
Australian Diamond, etc ...
Sure I will be happy to design anything for
my happy customers, but 'happier' when I am able
to sit down with quality AUSTRALIAN OPALS
instead of other gems.

Anyone interested to sit with me and go through
my original designs, please contact directly!
Otherwise we can communicate through emails, or on skype ...  (^^)
Looking forward to assisting you with our
opals & jewelry designs ♪♪


Another tropical day in Gold Coast, Australia.   
xxxx   Malayvone