Tuesday, July 8, 2014


OPAL's beauty ...
It is usually judged by its color, vividness, unique character, 
ideal shape, size and overall appearance.

Very simple & clear.

However, I also believe 'quality opals' must 
come with 'great designs' ... 

Each, particularly handcrafted by a professional 
or skilled jeweller. 

Our black opal loose and boulder opal loose is 
100% natural,every piece is 
treasured special and handled with extra care.

So precious that it needs the right design and the right people
to touch & see our rainbow collection ...

Imagine an Opal without the right Design.
It's almost like ...
Life without a great partner, right?!?

Anyway, for those who is looking to see and purchase 
'One and Only' ... 
here's what you should do.

Study as much as possible, 
be patient,be serious and select with confidence  


For those who's living or visiting Gold Coast, 
do go and check out our hand made opal jewellery displaying in the Surfers Paradise store, UGG KING.

You'll enjoy your time shopping, guaranteed! 

Precious Australian Opal  ...
It is my passion & my life, it deserves to have 
the right designand should be treated 

Visit our website to see more ...  

Have a lovely day everyone.

xxxx     Malayvone