Monday, August 10, 2015

GEMS from Japan !!

Amazing Firework in Japan ...
It's beauty and powerful image reminds me of some beautiful Australian black opals. 

The color is unstoppable !!!

You might find some of our collection similar to these colors & patterns from the website ...

First, gold.

Then it changes to another, 
you can not predict what will come next and that's a wonderful thing about the firework.

Just like the "color play" in opal, right ??!!?
They come and go, keeps changing its characters. 

Love all the shape, pattern, different sizes, vivid colors 
and its preciousness ...   

I am enjoying the summer in Japan now, 
participating opal shows from time to time and attempting 
to promote more through online as well.

But what's more, I am so happy to see and learn more of Japanese culture, being able to wear Kimono and attending to the summer event, to see THIS GEM !!!  

Life is too precious ...
Don't stop, keep walking forward ...

Work hard & Play hard (^^)

Missing a blue sky in Gold Coast too !!!
Anyway, cheers from Japan for now.

xxxx    Malayvone