Monday, April 30, 2012

a twinkle opal

 A new collection of gorgeous,
 high-quality Precious Boulder Opal
has just arrived at Opal Direct.


Untreated and sourced from Queensland,
 this 2.23 carat glorious gemstone have myriads of small star,
that change colour with the movement of the stone....

May I call it as a "twinkle opal"????

More details,

xxx Mayu


Friday, April 27, 2012

like blue flames

It's so firely, almost like flames,
not in red, but in blue!!

I can hear the sound of  fire....

We have just got some Boulder Opal loose stones,
click here to see more beauties...

xxx Mayu

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little quiz

Which opal is more "Expensive" ????

a) Solid Black Opal 6.13 carat


b) Solid Black Opal 4.15 carat

I sometimes ask the same question to customers,
and they usualy answer "a)" is more expensive than b),
because of its largeness and red colour. 

As you already might know,
red colour is the most rarest colour in Black Opal.
And size is very important to judge its value.

I got the point,
but the truth is ........."b)".
"b)" is more expensive than "a)"....

Let me exlpain!!

Talking about a),
yes, red colour is involved and larger than b).....

On the other hand,
a)'s body tone is kind of gray
therefore it affects the value,
even though a) has a rare red colour...

The other point is,
 don't forget "brilliancy"!!!!
Without it, any gemstone will be insignificant.....

I have to say b) is more expensive than a).

However, final choice is always up to you!!
If you think the one is beautiful
and it looks good on your skin,
no matter what I say about the rareness, 
why not :)

Gemstone is for making you feel super special
and last forever, always beside you.

So choose the one with your heart!

xxx Mayu

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

only $100!?

Only $100.....!?!?

Solid Australian Boulder Opal 0.53carat

Perfect combinatiion of
green and blue,
 I find myself being drawn to it's colours...

Ans believe or not,
It can show us the other side of itself.

If you are interested in this beautiful opal,
visit our website to see more photos!!

xxx Mayu

Sunday, April 22, 2012

one of a kind

This special piece always impressed me....

It's colour...Spectacular!!!
It's pettern...Unbelievable!!!

Perfect size and shape....

All of Opal Direct's staff loved it...

Now it is somewhere in USA,
I am sure it is entertaining the wearer!!

I can't help wishing to see it again in future...


Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 steps!!

When you see an opal,

you shold do "3 steps ".

Have a look at




By this way,
you'll find out

1, what kind of opal it is

2, Is it a solid opal or imitation opal

3.How stable it is

4, colour variation


You'll see a true quality!!!!

xxx Mayu

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New arrival 19/Apr

Good morning!!!

Gold Coast having a beautiful day :)

I am happily introduce you a new loose stone,
Solid Black Opal (100% natural!!). 

This magnificent Black Opal is untreated and sourced from Lightning Ridge, Australia, 
this impeccably loose stone displays such a bright geen in many different angles. 

An adorable teardrop shape will look
super chic and modern
either in a ring or pendant.

To see more details,
please click here.

To order this beautiful Black Opal,
please visit our website.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Someone will trick you...

One day,
an Australian gentleman came in Gemstory.

He just purchased an opal pendant
and happy to show it to me.

...........Unfortunately, it was a doublet.

To make it worse,
he believed that it is 100% natural!!!

he's got a certificate,
saying "Australian authorized created opal" ....


Very tricky....

To guarantee a genuine opal,
we should use the word "SOLID".

Otherwise, an opal should be doublet, triplet,
or other kind of synthetic opal...

We need to make sure what the certificate
will prove and
how long it will hold good for.

I just don't want you to be disappointed
when you are ready to purchase
a high quality gemstone!!!

xxx Mayu

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

130km driving for....

Good afternoon!!

Lots of miners and opal suppliers visit Gemstory.

And most of them LOVE what we have.

 So do I :)

Today, the supplier from Opalton came in.

In Opalton, there is no post office!!!

So, she uses a mailbox in Winton,

which is 130 km far.......

People in Opal business loves what they do so much.
Otherwise, they never drive 130km for a mailbox!!!

Australian national gemstone.......

Takes too much time and energy to work with it,
but it deserves those hard works!!
Therefore, people love this special gem...

xxx mayu

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Have a look at my "MAGIC TRAY" !!

Many customers who's visited our store always enjoy glancing at this displayed tray.

Its quality & beauty speaks for itself...
It's individuality and value shows from the moment you laid your eyes on this special collection.

My point?
Well, "beautiful things" need to be held and shown as much as  possible with a little help like...a good display and a good design! Of course the wearer will have to feel & be the same too.

How can one see what's worths more or less without the right gear?? Especially a tiny gemstone like this.

We're born to be different, to be special and to be remembered, so is all this gemstone!!! I hope my inspirations and designs can help you, enhancing your opal jewellery collection, as well as your glamorous life, hahaha...

xxxx    Malayvone    

Saturday, April 14, 2012

i am like an adventurer

I found a rainbow this morning.....

I always find some new characters of opals
under the different lighting.

It never happen to any other gemstone....

Opal, such a dramatic gemstone :)

xxx mayu

Friday, April 13, 2012


The "COLOR" of beautiful Black Opal...

What do you see from this image?
The view from an Airplane looking over the 'Great Barrier Reefs' or you're diving deep under the coral reef and spotting some fish?!?

For me, I can see both have something in common.

Both have 'Relaxing', 'Cheerful', 'Soothing' 'Australia' and very 'Pretty' image...

Only Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal is showing this magnificent color... It's so natural, unique, very earthy and somewhat gives me "relaxation" everytime I grance at it.
I am so lucky to be able to introduce such a beautiful & precious gemstone to the world !!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Red Red

Red Red Red......

The most rarest colour in Opal.
And they make "Lightning Ridge" so famous!!!

Only Lightning Ridge
produces those dark and vivid colour materials.
therefore, Opals with "red in black" 
is hardly possible to find...

Never be perfect.
 Red involved but too thin,
or cloudy, or too small...

Do you really like red colour??
And Does it look good on your skin???

Then you will enjoy red colour for good!!!

xxx Mayu

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rainbow down under

Good afternoon.

How was your easter holiday???

I went to Byron bay and had such a beautiful day...

"Sunset into the ocean"

such a beautiful country,
magnificent landscape,
animals have a very strong life force,
lots of activites to do.....

The riches of Nature in Australia produces
variety of mineral resources,
as well as Opal.....Australian national gemstone. 

No other place can produce this amazing gemstone.

which something worth to know about,
 to take time to see,
and to invest.

Welcome to the rainbow country!!!

xxx Mayu

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Passion for what we do

Good afternoon!!!

I occasionally visit local jewellery shops
because I LOVE jewellery.

I feel so sad to say that there is not many
sales assistants who have a passion for work,
for jewellery...

I believe, what I do as a sales assistant
is to entertain customers and
give helps as much as possible.
Not only for standing in the shop
and taking money...

And I think, to be a good assistant,
we have got to love what we do!!!

My boss puts her heart into her work so much,
and you can see that in each of her work.

I'm very happy that I work for her :)

Today, it's a little bit private story....
Thank you for reading!!!

xxx Mayu

Friday, April 6, 2012

Perfect pendant

Happy Easter!!!

I am very happy to introduce our new item!!

I just quickly took a picture of it,
so please take a look!!

Solid, Boulder opal pendant.
Hand-made set into Sterling Silver

I am sure its colour will stand out
on any skin colour!!!!

Beautiful finish,
and opal has such a clean face!!!

If you need further infomation,
please email us.

Have a lovely easter holiday!!
xxx Mayu

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New arrivals!!5/Apr

Good afternoon,

High quality Boulder Opal pendants
have just arrived to Opal Direct.

As soon as we displayed,
people stop and want to try on :)

This pendant has been sold,
to a lovely French mum.

She was quite amazed by the quality of
our items and loved this pendant
as its natural looking.

Here is my favorites!!

Visit Opal Direct website
to see new arrivals!!!!

Happy Easter!!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

"bijew"-Original designed jewellery

Good evening!!

I would like to anoounce our new FB page
for "bijew"
- Original design Opal
& Semi Precious stone Jewelley-
to you!!!


We started new jewelley line
"bijew collection"
( Items showing the picuture on top )
which we use Synthetic Opal as a fashion!!

Australian quality opal
 ( especially Black Opal & Boulder Opal )
is extremely precious today,
its popularity has also increased
but its production has declined dramatically
due to the high cost of petrol,
the new lease cost,
 the operation of machinery and the labor cost.

How can one introduce something really trendy,
beautiful and special
within an affordable price range
when the market value is so high ?

How can one show that this is new,
 extra-ordinary and original
that no other opal dealer has done before ?

That was our dilemma,
 very challenging
 but finally we have done it !!

This new site is proudly introduced
 by Australian Designers
who has so much passion & creativity
in offering original, trendy products
and we are confident
that you'll love every piece
showing on this website.

Enjoy your time and
we hope you'll like “ bijew collection ”
as much as we do!!!!

bijew website: click here.
bijew FB page: clike here and like it!! 

Have a lovely night xxx

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is the hardness of Opal???

Good Morning!!
How's your weekend going???

I always get a question from customers,
"What is the hardness of Opal???"

Gemstones are rated for hardness on the Mohs scale.

So according to the Mohs scale,
Opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5.

Comparing to Pearl
( Mohs scale3.5 to 4.0)
Opal is not fragile.
so you don't need to worry too much
when you wear Opal jewellery.

Just be aware of taking off when you do any hard sports,
dish washing or gardening,
similarly you take care of any kind of gemstones.

You wear your opal after dress up,
and take it off before undress yourself.

if your opal get any sauce on
when you are having dinner,
( Of course everyone wants to enjoy your opal
on your date!!! )

take it easy, don't panic!!

Sauce can't change the beauty of your opal,
so just wash the sauce out gently,
and wipe your opal by using a soft tissue or cloth.

Also, avoid finger prints,
and keep your opal in a soft box by itself 
as well as not mixing with any other jewellery!
( just to avoid any scratches!!!)

Then, you always enjoy your beautiful opal
in the best condition!!!

Hope these information would be your help....

Oh, here is some interesting experiments
for opal....

For more assistance,
please visit our website!!

Have a lovely weekend xxx