Monday, April 29, 2013

Tranquility ...

WOW ... Imagine what HAPPY GEMSTONES can do to you, 
when you pick the right color to wear. 
And see how beautiful they are ... 
helping to complete your fashion co-ordinates!!


What do people look for, when they want 
something to make them feel good?
Is it spending money without having to 
worry about their budget? or is it about finding a piece 
that looks just perfect for themselves 
regardless of the value??

I think, I truly believe ... that to make you feel happy & good, 
you just need to find little things to cheer you up ...
 just like these little 'Opal & Gemstone Beads Bracelets' !!!!

It's not too expensive, anyone can afford it ... 

With a help of wearing BLUE COLOR - It will give you a stability, confidence & wisdom ... Giving you more 
happiness and tranquility in mind ...

I think this is the reason why when you 
look up in the sky and see a BLUE SKY ... 
You just feel so 'peaceful & calm' because this 
TRANQUIL COLOR makes you feel that way!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good afternoon from beautiful GOLD COAST,
Another day, another BLUE SKY ...

If you are visiting Surfers Paradise or heading to the beach,
please feel free to come into our showroom,
located in Orchid Avenue,
The Centre Of Surfers Paradise City.


A pleasant day like this reminds me of my favorite Boulder Opal Loose Stone ... (see attached link here)
One of our customer online is considering
to select it for an "engagement ring"
and she's always loving turquoise blue / green color ...

I think if she understands how beautiful Gold Coast is ....
She'll always see our beautiful beaches,
fresh air, blue sky and tranquil mountain is !!!
Love this weather in Gold Coast,
the climate is just perfect lately and our
opal collection is 100% sparkling,
waiting to be touched by you ...

Whatever your plan for today is, please think of this
lovely BOULDER OPAL ...
Its colors, soft natural shape, vividness and its
extraordinary beauty inside & out!!
Gorgeous sunshine today, just like this piece !!!!
xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your favorite is ... ??!?

Do you have a "favorite" ... 
anything in life ... in general?!? 

I DO !!!

And there are too many ...   (^^;)

These beautiful Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal
is some of my "favorite" and they
happens to be a bit of a ... (what can I say!) 


The color, the size (all BIG !!!!), the pattern, 
the play of color, the clarity and the uniqueness ... 
Everything about these beauties are just


If you ever find a chance to visit Surfers Paradise 
(Gold Coast), please feel free to come into our 
showroom and touch these favorite opals of mine ... 
You'll be happy and probably gain lots of good powers 
when you're stepping out of the showroom, guaranteed !!!!

Alternatively, check out our beautiful 
"rainbow collection" from the link here. 
Have fun today !!

xxxx      Malayvone 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


For those who's not familiar with Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal, please see the link below.
G'day from Gold Coast, Australia. 
Our new experiment on solid opal is

"Using Food Coloring Liquid" !! 

Not sure what it says but it seems very strong and powerful liquid ... strong enough to get your fingers smudged easily

The chosen one (for experimenting ...)
would be these beautiful pieces.
Top - Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal (8.27ct)
Bottom - Australian White Opal (7.00ct)

Both to be placed in a clear glass bowl and ready to be soaked into Food Coloring ... (^^;)  
Remember, left is Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal
and the right, is Australian White Opal.
Here we go !!!
After 10 minutes of waiting ... This is what happened !!!
Top - Ethiopian Opal
Bottom - Australian Opal
You can clearly see how the whole image is changed in Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal, it sucked the coloring liquid and became another unique piece of opal !!!!! Nothing's been affected / done to Australian White Opal ... Stays the same.
Well  .... (as expected), look what happened to my fingers. It's a small price to pay when considering what we have learnt from our OPAL EXPERIMENT and that how powerful the "food coloring" is ... hehehe.
So, the point here is "be careful" when you wear an Ethiopian Opal ... Your body acid, your colorful clothes and many other things can easily change your OPAL!!  
We will let you know what happens next, after trying to get its color and beauty back ... In the mean while, have fun today!!!  
xxxx   Malayvone