Monday, January 27, 2014

OPAL - Color meaning ♪

 Hello from beautiful Gold Coast.

Anyone believes in a 'FORTUNE TELLER' ?!?
Well, usually I don't  ... (^^) 
But sometimes it's fun to think what color
would suit you and the meaning of it.
Here is some samples ♪
  A naturalist would normally select this.
The meaning for green color is good health, lucky,
generous, harmony, envy, fresh, renew and vigor !!
It is also a symble of 'wealth' too...

  Always attracts people with this color!
Its meaning is tranquility, calms one's mind,
brings harmony in life, trust, confidence, security,
loyalty, very peaceful and cleanliness.
Perhaps BLUE is one of the most popular
color selected in clothing or gemstones!!?
Australian Opal - such as black opal & boulder opal
shows vivid sky blue / ocean blue color and they're
extremely popular amongst all buyers, hehe.   ^^ 

 Is not something you'd pick in general but in OPAL,
red or multi-color is quite special due to its rareness.
A busy color like this indicates success,
bravely and non-stop challenging!
You are ready to accept anything ahead of you
and not afraid of being 'different' ...
Does it sound like you or what??!

  Personally, I think this color belongs to ME  (^^) !!!
It symbolizes full of energy, passion, excitement,
desire, high speed (sounds a bit dangerous?), steamy heat, aggression, violence and lots of happiness & joy!!!
A very intense and passionate color so for some people,
it might be a little too risky, too much ...
Australian black opal & boulder opal with 'firely red color'
is considered one of the most high prized color of all.
Beautiful & Rare ♪♪

  Still many people are admiring soft colors like this today,
and its meaning for 'whitish color' will be
purity (are you pure?), simple, peace, youth,
huminity and innocence.
Often brings a good marriage, harmony and
helps with high precision.
Now you're ready to select one good opal for yourself
or for your loved ones  (^^)
Hope you enjoyed my COLOR theory!!!
***  Just for fun  ***
xxxx    Malayvone

Saturday, January 25, 2014


What is a 'good opal' compares to 'not so good opal' ... 
What makes one more valuable than others??
 How is opal valued???
Well, let's think simple!
What looks pretty and more desirable to you in general?
Cars, houses, boats, humans, etc ...
Is it just the look that matter to you or the
detail is also important.
Perhaps our website can help answering more ..

Opal is exactly the same !! Select carefully, by following these factors ... 
**   SOLID or FAKE   **
Make sure an opal you're about to select is
not Doublet or Triplet, even color treated or lab created.
If it's fully solid (100% natural) then it's quite special. 
**   VIVID or PALE  ** 
Does that opal has colors and lustures,
brilliancy or good impressions to you on your first sight?
The brightness and clarity of colors displayed by
opal from its surface is quite important.
**   UNIQUE or BORIING   **
When you turn or move opal -
does the color and its pattern changes,
reflects and dances at all? If the pattern is collectable
then the value of opal normally increases,
and when it shows some 'play of color' then sure it'll be
more fun to look at & to wear for many years to come!


**   CLEAN or SPOTTED   **
Always examine each piece of opal closely
because you don't want to purchase anything that has
deep scratches or cloudy spots or cracky quality opal.
In Australian 'boulder opal' (for instance),
the less brown ironstone showing on its surface,
the better & rarer it becomes.
**   BIG or SMALL   **
And of course, in anything ... I mean really 'anything' !!!
Is it BIG ENOUGH or a bit too small  (haha)
for you to enjoy??
If an opal is too small then its value can drop a bit,
the larger piece is always the better.
But if there's not much beauty or colors,
pick a smaller one with colors instead ♪♪
Further questions you have,
please write to me, thanks...
Love Australian Opals !!!  

Meet me at Tucson Show if you'd like
to see my 'rainbow collection' !!!
xxxx     Malayvone

Sunday, January 19, 2014

MIRACLE OPAL ... Boulder Opals ♪

Australian Boulder Opal ...
Exactly how much time, cost and effort
does one need to take just to find 'ONE PIECE' of
Quality Boulder Opal !!!!?
Well, it's harder than what you can imagine ...
I can meet & show you soon in Tokyo & Tucson Show !!

Driving to BOULDER OPAL FIELD like Winton,
it takes 2 days from my city Gold Coast -
the distance is almost 1,800KM one way,
in a HOT HEAT (lucky our car has A/C or else ...)
without any 'luxury views' ...
If you like wild animals such as Kangaroos,
Cows, Emus & Sheeps, you might
enjoy the drive a bit more than we do.         

Under the 'heat' and 'dusts' -
opal miners will have to get up as early as possible
and do as much digging as quickly as possible,
to avoid extreme heat, normally starts from about 2 or 3 pm !!
They work hard before anyone gets up in the bed,
and finish before the machinery breaks down
due to the hot temperature,
very, unbearable temperature ...

But the reality is - not many opal miners are lucky.
Working hard as they can, spends lots of time and money
to move their expensive machinery, praying to GOD,
hoping for the colors inside the rock ...
still 'NOTHING' to be found. 
The torture can continue for weeks,
or for months, no kidding !!! 

The only time opal miners would stop the machine
is when they are hungry, need to use the loo,
avoiding the MAX HEAT between 2 ~ 4pm
& when theycan't see anything in the dark ... 
Or when the machine dies.

Australian Boulder Opal like this is too precious -
much more rarer than many other gemstones.
That's why I love this 'rock' so much -
the rarer it becomes, the more pricy ...
That's the reality!!

Going to show with my beautiful 'RAINBOW COLLECTION'
in Tokyo & Tucson. Let me know if anyone is interested
to see our beautiful opal from
Lightning Ridge & Winton / Quilpie ♪♪

xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AUSTRALIAN OPALS ♪ for the world ..

As you already know how much I love 'Australian Quality Opals' ...
I enjoy travelling abroad promoting this beautiful gemstone -

See how much strenght in color, the uniqueness,
the sophistication and the preciousness in this gem.
No other minerals would be as 'different' as
Australian Black Opal or Boulder Opal ♪   

When I have exhibitions or special events,
organized by clients / gem associates ...
I will take about 500 to 1000 pieces of
Black Opal & Boulder Opal Loose Stones,
all solid, high quality pieces
directly from Australia.
Preparing Import & Export documentations
can be costly, time consuming, need skills
and must follow the regulation.
Not many can pass Australian Customs Security
easily without doing the right thing ...
is trusted & still can survive in Opal Industry today.

I have been introducing Australian Opal
for the past 20 years with a great help of supporters
(Opal cutters, Opal miners, Opal buyers, Opal admires,
Opal designers, Opal Associates, Opal exporters, etc),
without their friendship and their understanding -
I would not be here today !!!  (^^)

mainly introduce 'cut & polished' Opals,
but sometimes we can provide special materials
like this 'rough opals' too. 
Feel free to make enquiries on anything,
to see if we can help you in future.
Nothing is impossible ... right ?!?

Well, my next move is to promote
Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal & Boulder Opal
from Quilpie / Winton - Queensland ...
at TUCSON SHOW in Arizona.
Anyone interested to see me in Tucson Show,
get ready for drinks & party, hahaha !!!!
Another awesome weather in Gold Coast,
my beautiful city (^^)
xxxx    Malayvone