Thursday, January 31, 2013

New☆Anklet Debut!

Hi,I'm Miyuki.
I'm a new staff at Gemstory. (^o^)/
OMG!!!     Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!
This wild Kangaroo knocked my door this morning.
This is real Australian life.
By the way, I mede a lovely Anklet today ,
 this is first time for me to create bijew collection.
Please have a look.
Looking good??   ヽ(´▽`)/
Hope you like it....
Please click here ↓
Let's see this new item on bijew !
This anklet will make you feel elegant 
with shiny & gorgeous image.
You wanna be Sexy?
Why not?
Enjoy your rest of the day~ ♡♡♡
xxx  Miyuki

Sunday, January 27, 2013

a "lucky one"

On the other day, I've introduced an amazing Queensland Boulder Opal to you.

Every day, we were wondering who would be a "lucky one" to choose it. A week later, there she is!! As soon as she came into the showroom she fell in love with this beauty straitaway, decided to make it into a pendant!!

After all the hard and delicate work by the experienced jeweller, that's how it looks like!!
The simplicity of its design certainly turned out to make the opal's colour stands out more.

Hope it always makes her bright and cheer her up, with wonderful memory of Australia...
xxx Mayu

Monday, January 21, 2013

7 points to choose the right opal

This is the ring we created, for a lady who was very new to Australian Opal when she contacted us at the beginning.
After she has browsed a lot of opal dealer's websites and done her good reseach, she finally chose Opal Direct.
It is really great that she actually understood what we are trying to do so hard with our honesty, because I know lots of gemstone dealers cheat on customers and trick you to just to make money.

As my boss always telling to customers on his website, when you select a good opal or gemstone, you have to be very careful and don't just purchase because "This will be 50% off!" or "The design is so cute!". Take a look closer and ask the questions as many as you want. You are about to have your life-time jewellery so don't waste your money on man-made or something with a trick.  

There is some tips to choose the right opal without confusion. When you click each sentence, you can jump to Opal Direct's website to read more instructions!!
  • POINT 1 Choose the right retailer (shop)
  • POINT 2 Choose the right sales person
  • POINT 3 Compare
  • POINT 4 Look at the back
  • POINT 5 Look at the side
  • POINT 6 Look at it under the sunlight
  • POINT 7 Look at it as a loose stone

  • Hope you select the right opal that you really love and enjoy it for the rest of your life!!

    Any enquiry? Please don't hesitate to contact us!!

    xxx Mayu

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    New Brecelets 2013

    Hello From Gold Coast ♪
    Beautiful sunset gave us warm feelings...
     How can we express this special happiness to you?  

    Oh, let's share the brand new items of our hand-made jewellery brand bijew !
    Australian Boulder Opal enhances Amethyst in the center makes the whole image brighter !!
    With other multi - color semi precious gemstones such as
    Rhodolite, Carnelian, Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz
    represents eternal happiness ♪
    A lovely colour combination ♪
    Red Agate is a symbolic of "protection"
     and carnelian is known as a passionate gemstone.
    I'm sure any girl would like to have this pretty design! 
    A candy color bracelet but not too sweet looking,
    more of feminine design !!
    Richly use of Amethyst is the main charactor in this item,
    but all other materials make the whole image very feminine,
     eye catching and luxurious ♪
    You can also see more hand-made accessory collections of bijew
    Find your "One and Only"
    Have a lovely afternoon ♪♪♪
    xxx Noriko


    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    A "brilliant" Boulder Opal

    A "brilliant" Boulder Opal has just arrived at Opal!!
    Have a look at this video below.

    Deep, strong, shininng and bright colours on the dark body tone catch your eyes straight away!!

    Its vivid and strong play of colour is almost the same as the one Black Opal has, therefore, each colour which appears on the surface stands out conspicuously, because of the ironstone on the back of it.
    It's a gift from mother earth, people never ever be able to create a natural beauty like this!!
    Please contact us if you are interested in this beauty!!
    xxx Mayu

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    mysterious play of colour

    We have recieved a couple of new Boulder Opals from Winton field. This is one of my favorite, 0.92 carat beauty has "mysterious play of colour".

    Now, when you see it from the other side, that's how you see!! 

    Moreover, you have an extra touch of blue-green!!
    It will never make you bored therefore you will appreciate its beauty for life-time!

     Find your favorite opal on our website, Opal!!
    xxx Mayu

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    Very icy blue opal

    It's been extremely HOT last couple of days here in Australia...
    To cool me down, I swim in the pool or eat ice cream, yes that would work in it's own way, but also here is another way to keep me cool!
    Don't you feel nice and cold!?
    This very "icy blue" opal is from centro Queensland, Australia, has 1.28 carat. A beautiful square shape will be perfect for either a ring or pendant, any jeweller would be more than happy to touch and create your own jewellery!
    Want to feel sea-breeze?
    xxx Mayu

    Saturday, January 5, 2013

    delightful opal

    A happy new year 2013!!!

    Very first Opal that I'd like to introduce to you is this soft but bright beauty.

    I find myself being drawn to its endless waves of colours.... Don't you think it's almost showing all the colours on the earth!?!?

    3.16carat, this Queensland Boulder Opal would delight your eyes, your skin, your heart and of course people around you.

    To get to know more about this opal or see more Black and Boulder Opal loose stones?? Click here :)

    xxx Mayu