Monday, June 10, 2013

Precious "RIBBON PATTERN" ...

How many have seen a QUALITY BLACK OPAL
with a RIBBON PATTERN ??!!?
I bet not too many ...
Well, for those who's not familiar with this
RARE PATTERN, I would like to show
& tell you a little bit about it.  (^^)
Australian Black Opal from LIGHTNING RIDGE  - 
is the only quality that can show the vividness & uniqueness of this beautiful character!!!
A distinctive pattern like RIBBON PATTERN
is very rare and collectable. Its amount of color and its
intensity makes it more precious than another ...
It has a play of color - the colors that keeps rolling & changing and this image reminds you of an "AURORA" -
Coloured light in the night sky in
the Northern Hemisphere,      
 Anyway, this pattern is just so beautiful
and one much hold a special piece of Black Opal like
this and roll it in your hand !!!
The color will keep turning, changing, rolling,
dancing, laughing and you will never get 
bored looking at its gorgeousness ...
Amazing what the nature can offer !!?
Australian Black Opal is the best and the rerer they come,
the more valuable, ofcourse. Nothing can replace this beauty, unlike other gemstones, guaranteed !!!!!!   
Today's weather in Gold Coast is not so pleasant
but if you're on holiday, the weather does not
really affect your feeling, right??!!?
Just be happy, relax and re-set your mind today.
Have a happy long weekend, everyone !!!
And see you in Surfers Paradise - Gemstory Pty Ltd.,'s showroom ... Maybe ...
xxxx      Malayvone

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