Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a perfect piece...

How was your Christmas ?
Hope everyone had a wonderful moment...

I am really impressed by the colour of this Boulder Opal!!
I'm a blue girl and this pendant is one of my favorite.

This blue is soft but blight, I also like its shape.
To imagine wearing it on my neck makes me super happy and I have a lot of ideas of style to match with it!!

I believe that to have a perfect piece of jewelry is a great pleasure of life!!

Wish each of you have found / would find the one...


Friday, December 23, 2011



A lovely "RED WINE" from our good friend who works just across the street ..... A BIG GIFT SHOP (next to the Police Station) in Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise....

"OOMOO" meaning  "GOOD" or "ATTRACTIVE
Thomas Hardy adopted the Aboriginal word like 'OOMOO' for his most popular wines back in the 1870's.

Sure it tastes 'NICE' no matter what, because this wine was selected by a friend who knows all about the wine, and it's one of her most recommended bin in Australian wine!!! Hahaha...

I can't wait until dinner time ....

xxxx     Malayvone


Monday, December 19, 2011


The weather in Gold Coast today is as peaceful as this picture....

I always think how LUCKY I am, to be able to live in GOLD COAST and make living on what I love doing the most .... and that is a "Jewellery Business" I'm involved in.

Introducing High Jewellery to our customers can be very demanding & a hard work, but if you truly believe what you're doing is special and simply for the satisfaction (NOT for money...), then you'll be able to continue your profession in this industry for many years to come !!!!

So, everyone should think this...  Enjoy every moment of your life and just think how lucky where & who we are today, because regretting doesn't lead you anywhere...
Have another beautiful day!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Friday, December 16, 2011


Is Christmas coming to you...  ???

It's already mid December and we don't see much people doing "CHRISTMAS SHOPPING" this year.
Well, this time of season is all about "SPENDING" right ?!?

Doesn't matter how much you spend, but if you want to show how special your friend and family is, then you'll need to start acting & looking ...

If money is not an issue, then think of something memorable... something lasts forever, like precious jewellery !!!

So ...  what is your next move ?
xxx           Malayvone

Thursday, December 15, 2011



It's nearly end of the year and it means a big cleaning time too!

Gemstone ... It is special and can be very expensive to replace with if you lose or if you damage it. 

That's why we always handle our products with extra love & care so that our customers can feel how 'SPECIAL' this gemstone is... and so that they'll treat it the same way.

It feels good when you're selecting beautiful jewellery in its best condition and also the same as when your house or work place is sparkling like your jewellery, don't you think so !!?

Let's look around and think "HOW SPARKLE MY LIFE IS ....?" for a moment, then you'll also notice how clean your jewellery is too....   (^^)

xxxx          Malayvone

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


COLORS .....

Each individual color can bring you emotions, happiness, energy, good fortune, protection, inspiration, apetite, etc....

My favorite color is "RED" and "ORANGE" because these colors inspires me of "SUN SHINE" and "ENERGY" !!
What's your favorite color(s)?

Please find time to learn about "COLORS" on the website or feel free to visit our showroom on ORCHID AVE, SURFERS PARADISE, GOLD COAST and see more of beautiful colors.

Have another enjoyable day!!

xxxx     Malayvone

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SANTA'S NEW COMPETITOR in Surfers Paradise ... !!!??

Another "SUMMER SANTA" in Surfers !!!!!

Who would have thought that there will be one more "AUSSIE SANTA" standing in Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise .....?!?

This santa looks warmer compared to the first one.
He is also "well dressed" and seems to be a bit taller than the other...

But santa will alway be a SANTA, with their long white beard and a big tummy.       \(^^)/

Now, you can tell me who do you think is more "HANDSOME" and "POPULAR" to the public, this year??

Who do you think would work harder as "SANTA", delivering all the present to the kid .... ??

And have you already made a wish for Christmas day...   ?!!?

xxxx      Malayvone

Saturday, December 10, 2011



Look who's new in Surfers Paradise !!!!
A Santa, with not much hair but has lots of bears & a big tummy.
Our staff (MAYU) has just found this new monument when passing the shopping centre yesterday...

SUMMER CHRISTMAS is what we'r e having in Gold Coast and it's famous that our Santa shows up with his surfing board as well as with his lovely summer shirt.
Oh, not to forget that he likes walking with his bare feets too.....

This Santa might have a reasonably big tummy but actually he is not so tall...only about 1M height !!
He is quite new in the area so if you are shopping in Surfers Paradise, please don't forget to visit and say "Hello" to him in Cavill Avenue (Pedestrian Walk...), right infront of Centro Surfers.

Have a nice weekend everyone !!
Make a wish when you see this santa    (^^) 

xxxx    Malayvone

Friday, December 9, 2011

We love family!!

Good Afternoon!!

Today, a LOVELY mature New Caledonian couple walked in and talked to me.
They were looking for a nice Australian gift for their friend.

They selected a beautiful boulder opal ring....

 They told me so much about their family, I can see how much they love their family and take care of thier family very well.   
Because I am in the oversea without my family, it makes me miss my family in Japan...

I appreciate to work at the shop because I feel and learn something every day.

I will call my mum tonight!!

Have a lovely night xxx

Thursday, December 8, 2011


How would you describe the beauty of this ..... ?!?

It's just too difficult isn't it !!
You can see how beautiful it looks, the clarity (clearness) is so fine, lots of colors to match with your dresses and shoes.... reasonably a large size (5.05ct) to make into any item you wish for...and the best part is it is "ONE AND ONLY" ...

It's not just about how beautiful this piece is, but it's also about how "SPECIAL" Australian quality Black Opal is !!!!

An imaginable beauty...

That's what they are.
No wonder some people will call this gemstone a "RAINBOW STONE" because it has all the color you wish for....

What a GEM.....   (^^)

xxxx    Malayvone

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip to Lightning Ridge

Last month, I visited the Black opal field "Lightning Ridge" !!!
It was my second time to go there and I took 4 guests from Japan to show the field.

First time to get in a propeller plane!!

We headed to a very famous touristic place in Lightning Ridge, "an opal cave museum",  soon after our arrival.
The founder of the museum, Ron, is an opal miner in Lightning Ridge and also an artist.
There are a lot of  paints on the wall and figures in the cave, which Ron was actually used to mine for Black opal.

He did all the paintings and carving by himself little by little, when there's a spare moment of his work.
He didn't expect that the cave would be a touristic place, he just loves what he does!!
It was good to see you again, Ron!!

Next destination was Grawin, where is 40km away from the main town and one of the most active field in Lightning Ridge.
We visit here, to see my friend, KEN!!

He organized a cutting demonstration and also took us to his cave.

Always smile,calm and kind...
Thank you sooo much Ken!!

It was only a day trip, but it recalled to my mind how people love mining opals and how hard to find a good one I really appreciate that I can introduce such a precious gemstones!!

Thank you everyone I met in Ridge, hope to see you again soon!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shop information

Hello everyone!!

I'd like to inform you that the trading hour of our showroom has changed.

New trading hour is 11:00 ~ 20:00.

We are having the Christmas Fair in the shop!!!

We have over 1,000 of  Solid Black & Boulder Opal loose stones. What you can do is choose your favorite opal first, then select a 18 karat gold casting which matches the opal you choose or our experienced designer and jeweler will create an original opal jewelry for you!!

Visit Gemstory (Shop2, 26 Orchid av., Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia) & find a beautiful X'mas gift for your loved one, family and friends!!!!