Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mt FUJI!!!!!

Just like this!!!!

An amazing black opal from Lightning Ridge....

I can't count how many colours are showing up.

Somehow the nature has created such an
adorable opal like this.


A tornado of colours!!!

Opals always give me a joy :)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Collaboration with Australian gems

Good morning!!

Such a beautiful day in Gold Coast...

I'd like to introduce this order made pendant.

Vivid colour with an elegant style.....

This solid Australian black opal has
a broad colour which so rare to find.

It has an Australian sapphire too,
( not a diamond)
to make it looks brighter and smore pecial!!

Exclusive item,
by Gemstory.....

Have a lovely day xxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fish scale

Good afternoon!!

How do you describe this beauty???

the patterns on the left hand side look like
lining up in an ordered way.

Some opal collectors call this pattern

it makes sense!!

Opals have a variety of colours and patterns.
So I always have fun with customers,
by wondering how they call our stocks.

In the end,
it's up to you whatever you call it :)

Find your imagination in opals....

Have a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARE YOU IN STYLE .... ??!!?

What is your "STYLE" ...  ??!

Are you looking for a special piece of gemstone that you can invest on and maybe especailly create something just for yourself from the scratch? Do you deserve the "BEST" always? 

I mean, what sort of image would you like to have when it come to presenting who you are?
When customer is selecting opals in the shop, their choices usually tell me how they wanted to be seen and what sort of personality they are depending on what the piece they buy!!

Are you just happy being who you are and not worried how people will see you?Whether you are wearing a $$ man-made jewellery or covered with all imitation items, you'll just feel happy & proud??

I believe people have more choices today and it's alright to select anything they want.... but always remember, that "GOOD THINGS ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE" and "SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY" so your happiness will last longer.

XXXX     Malayvone

Monday, March 26, 2012

Opal teeth

Good afternoon!!

They are very famous " Opal Teeth"
displayed at the Australian Opal Centre.

Harold Hodges was a well-known local opal seller
and buyer in 1960s and 70s.

 Fed up with people asking him to smile,
Harold cemented the teeth into the wall of the local pub
where they stayed until after his death.

 I am wondering why he has created opal teeth
from the beginning....

It is a good idea to visit Lightning Ridge
if you have a chanse to visit Australia.

You'll see some interesting  people
in town!!

 Those words are from the website of

"Like to meet someone crazy? In Lightning Ridge,
it's hard to find someone who isn't."


Totally agree with that!!!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

gran blue earring

Good evening.

Opals are never found in a perfect match....

So to make a earring,
we take time to find two sililar loose stones
which possibly will be a pair for earring.

We luckly found a nice pair in a Black Opal!
Similar shape, size, thickness and colour.
So we desided to make a beautiful pair of earring.

They are set by hand in 18karat white gold with diamonds.

As soon as we displayed them,
an European couple who were visiting Australia on holiday
purchased them.

"we've been looking for a high quality Black Opal earring
in a reasonable price,
but nobody could offer them,
or there are a lot of low quality opals and too expensive!!"
they told me.....

As a wholesaler,
we always try our best in a quality and price,
so I am very happy that
they understand the quality we have.

to see what is avairable now.

Once again,
we are having a massive sale
(it is our first time to have a sale)
and it will be end soon...

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chinese writing Black Opal

Good afternoon!!

Our friendly neighbourhood, Kangaroos :)


Australian National Gemstone, OPAL!!!!!

This pretty large 5.20carat Black Opal is a very rare one,
called "Chinese writing".

Golden colour, green and blue....

Somehow, the colours make lines and lines
and make a special pattern on the surface,
so collectable.

My boss really would like to keep it 
as his personal collection,
but also many opal lovers are looking for its rareness.

Visit Opal Direct website to shop online.

Have a lovely night xxx

Thursday, March 22, 2012

REAL or FAKE ??!!?


The only sad thing about this opal is, it's not 100% natural. This is all DOUBLET OPAL.

Some dealer may say "IT'S REAL"...but what they meant is that an opal has been cut/sliced, glued on another layer and color has been enhanced to look better than its original condition!!

So, you can be the judge... do you call it is
still real or not real??

Another sad thing about this, is that opal's beauty is not 'forever'. The moisture or natural air can change or lose its beauty, so its quality usually can not be guaranteed...

If you are a smart buyer, sure you'll understand how to select one in future!! Please buy smart.

  xxxx   Malayvone

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the beauty by a fault

Good afternoon.

Today, I am talking about "potch line".

Do you see black lines on the opal??

They are called potch line.
Potch is normally the host rock
that the opal was cut from
and a small amount remains
on the surface or inside the stone after cutting. 

Usually potch line reduces the value of opal
if the line is showing on the surface.

potch line sometimes gives an extra beauty for an opal!!

In this case,
potch lines create a rare pattern.

Its beauty were created by the merest chance.

What a nature!!!!!

Have a lovely day xxx

Monday, March 19, 2012

My curiosity

Good afternoon!!

My favorite painter,
Pierre-Auguste Renoir,
who He was a leading painter
in the development of the Impressionist style.

He painted his impressions of how things looked,
working in the open air
to catch the changing effects
of light on the colours around him.

Here the river is a deep blue,
because the water is reflecting a blue sky.
Reflections of people, boats and buildings cast their own colours into the river.

The flickering surface scatters the light
and splinters the reflections,
breaking up the colours.
The river becomes a kaleidoscope of mixing,
merging colour fragments....

Reflections of colours in the river
 kept changing every second
and he could't see the same scene again.

It would be an impression only in a moment so
it is not so easy to express his impression into his painting.

I guess he was so romantic and
sensitive painter.....

And I can't stop thinking that
if he has seen a Black opal
he must have been interested in
the way that colours react with each other!

I wish I could see
how he plays with the colours of an opal...

Have a lovely day xxx

Say "HELLO" to our NEW BABY...

Been waiting for this "RED"...

I am happy that our friend from 'WINTON OPAL MINE' has brought some new pieces from their opal mines in Winton this week. It can be called 'RED' depending on the lightings, but it would be best to describe this piece as an 'ORANGE RED'...(in my opinion)

What an exciting piece!

A clean face Boulder Opal Loose like this is already a rare find, along with its 'Electric Color', the vividness, the shape and its color change (Play of color) is so gorgeous. Lots of Orange, Gold, Red and Green...

Only those who can hold this piece in their hand will be lucky and happy... I can't wait to design something really special with its unique shape when my customer selects it.
Thanks to our good friend, who is working hard at the mine, digging tones of soil everyday!! "Good Work" indeed.

xxxx     Malayvone

Saturday, March 17, 2012

True story!

Good afternoon.

Today, 17th of March is St Patric's Day!!

Local Aussies are celebrating this special day!!

By the way,
here is a story.

Isidore Kozminsky in the 1922 edition of his book The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones states that "perhaps against no other gem has the bigotry of superstitious ignorance so prevailed as against the wonderful opal."
He also cites several historical references to the talismanic qualities of opal including the story of a French baron who resided in London, who owned an opal that had been in t...
he family since the twelfth century. In 1908 he took the opal to the London Pavilion where a soothsayer told him that the opal would bring him good fortune and that he was about to inherit £500,000! The London newspaper "Evening News" reported that within a few days the soothsayers' prediction had come true, it also stated that the ancient opal had a feint inscription in old Spanish, which translated to the words "Good Luck".

Carved Multi-red Gem with a floral pattern. © Opaline Collection


Thank you to our friendly mate
for sharing this story with us!

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Friday, March 16, 2012

New arrival!! Boulder Opal Earring

Good evening!!

I would like to introduce an unique
earring today :)

  Can you see a beautiful striped pattern in this opal?
 Its color is very deep…

Only the skilled opal cutter
can do this work
 and there are not many opals available
 to sprit into a perfect pair today
due to its preciousness.
Our simple & modern design in silver,
 complete its beauty.

100% Natural,
Australian opal from Queensland set by hand,
 into the silver (SV 925). 

Visit our new website
to check them out!!!

Have a lovely night xxx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new Boulder Opal Pendant

Good evening.

Opal Direct has just received
 a stunning quality Boulder Opal Pendant.

Such an eye-catching piece!!!!

A beautiful blue gradation....

Available here.

Have a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Semi Order Pin & Pendant

Good afternoon!!

I would love to introduce
a beautiful opal jewelly to you.....

A Boulder Opal pin set by hand
in 18karat white gold with Diamonds....

Ordered by Japanese gemtleman,
he is gonna wear it
when he dress up for a party
or important meeting on his business.

he believes that an opal brings him a good luck.
Right after he got his first opal pin about 5 years ago,
his business starts going well,
and he has had a great succcess in life!!!!

this time,
he also ordered a pendant for his wife.

A black Opal pendant set by hand
in 18karat white gold with Diamonds....

Its play of colour is amazing!!

Golden colour to......

Flashy green!!!!

Imagine the lovely couple are wearing
these jewelleries together
and attending a party....

How nice :)

Opals from Gemstory
make people happy and feel special!!!

 That makes me happy too :)

Have a lovely day xxx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hand made Boulder pendant


A beautiful blue sky in Gold Coast :)

I'd like to introduce a new item!!

Solid Australian Boulder Opal Pendsant
set by hand into Sterling silver.

An impressive design and color tone
 we have here for you!!

Its play of color is amazingly deep and strong,
ocean blue with a deep purple involved…

Also its exquisite design is
enhancing the opal looks more impressive.

An ideal gift for your special one,
only one jewellery in the world!!!

To shop this pendant,
visit bijew website!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

We are having a massive sale!!!

Hello everyone.

I would like to announce once again,

we are having a massive sale

Solid Black Opal 0.71carat

was $240
$168 now!!!!!!

Solid Black Opal 1.15carat
was $540
$378 now!!!!

Solid Boulder Opal 11.60carat
was $750
$525 now!!!!

And more and more.....

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Samurai BLUE !!!!!

Good Afternoon.

I started a new week quite busy :)

Youthful and energetic young athletes visited Gemstory!!

They selected
Boulder Opal pendants & handmade Bracelets
for themselves...

Those pendants and bracelets 
are pretty popular in the shop.

Easy to wear as a daily jewellery :)

Well, I have a big news for you!!!!

To celebrate 8th anniversary,
we are having a 30% sale right now!!

This beautiful Boulder opal,

Rainbow colour Black Opal,

Perfect Blue Boulder Opal,

(Internet customer only...)

to have a special offer!!!

Have a lovely night xxx

Monday, March 5, 2012

SOLD !!!! Happy but sad....

My little "BEAUTY" ..... "SO LONG".....

One of my very favorite 'Black Opal Loose Stone' has just been sold!
"YES", I am happy that our customer has chosen this piece because she saw the same beauty in this opal... "No", I am a little sad because I will never find another 'character' like this for the rest of my life !!!

See it's changing colors and depth under the different lighting?
It's clarity is also "SUPERB" and no other gemstones will never show uniqueness & brightness like this quality Black Opal.
Oh, just look at its 'lovely shape' too.... 

AUSTRALIA is a LUCKY COUNTRY because of 'this' !!!!!

xxxx      Malayvone

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Have a look at this !!
Our new "Boulder Opal Bangle" made in Sterling Silver... It's a large, beautiful, unique piece carefully handcrafted to enjoy a "modern world".

Imagine you walk pass a person who's wearing it... I bet your eyes will just capture the bangle before anything else!!! If you like an "attention" then you'll love this collection.

xxxx      Malayvone