Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Only one jewellery...

Good afternoon!
Do you remember this boulder opal which I introduced about couple of weeks ago?
We had an order to make a pendant in 18 karat gold using this opal.

How elegant it is.......

It looks brilliant on the skin.

Well, let me explain how to order a jewellery.

1, Visit our store or website to choose the opal. We have more than 1,000 of stocks which are all guaranteed as Solid (no enhancement), Australian Opal.

2, Our jewellery designer can help you in designing special images or you can select one of our existing commercial casting recommended to you. 

3, We forward details of final price, duration in making and posting out process for you. ( If you are ordering via the internet.)

4, If you're satisfied with the above information, you'll be asked to forward a full payment. When your payment has been confirmed, we will then proceed in making jewellery.  

5, At the time of completion, we'll check to make sure your jewellery is perfect, then you will recieve a beautiful jewellery!!

To find out more details, please visit our website or contact us.

Have a lovely evening!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calling for SOS... !!!!!

Introducing one of an exquisite piece, a BLACK OPAL from Lightning Ridge field.  See how it's shouting at you saying "Hey, look at me!! I am bright, unique in everyway and calling out for your love. Can't you see the sign on my face, showing S for S.O.S" !!!!!!

Does anyone want to take this girl home??? (hahaha)

xxxx     Malayvone

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best Crystal Opal, Ever!

Today, I would like to introduce you this fabulous crystal black opal.

(Solid Australain Black Opal [ODK2291], 3.52carat, $3,600 )
How bright it is!!

I would say, it has a collectable “ribbon pattern” with flashing gold, green, red and a little bit touch of blue colors.

Once it catches my eyes, I can’t look away from it and start to enjoy its beauty. To be honest, I've never seen a crystal opal as beauty as it.
 There are some opals which people call as “Crystal Opal”, like White Opal, Mexican Opal and Ethiopian Opal. But none of them have the beauty as nice as this crystal black opal. 

In my opinion, some particular environmental circumstances in Lightning Ridge, such as weather, land form, the stratum and history, would make crystal opal from this place so special. 

To see more detail, please contact us. 

Have a lovely weekend!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Have you ever seen such a 'unique pattern' like this Black Opal Loose Stone showing here before?
This particular type of pattern is called HARLEQUIN PATTERN and it is typically blocks of square shapes lining up, or showing one next to another.
A rare Black Opal in rainbow color with Harlequin pattern.... There won't be more "collectable" than this one, that's for sure!!!

xxxx    Malayvone

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Introducing a BLACK OPAL from Lightning Ridge Field here... Some people may say this is a "FIRE OPAL" but as far as my opal experience concerns, there is NO official name like that in Australian Opal Family! White Opal (sometimes called Crystal Opal), Boulder Opal and Black Opal is officially known and this particular beautiful piece is guaranteed "Black Opal" with firely RED COLOR.   
xxxx  Malayvone


I have finally completed my painting, which I am intending to use it for "CHARITY EVENT"s silent auction tomorrow night to help those who's been affected in the TSUNAMI & EARTHQUAKES disaster in Japan....

By having 2 separate pieces in the canvas, you can mix and match the way you like to hang them on the wall (about 10 different ways) or have them as one piece of art. 

We "LOVE JAPAN" and always praying for their BRIGHT FUTURE, very bright just like this painting!   

xxxx    Malayvone

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is one of my favorite "Black Opal Pair" which I have designed for a customer from Europe.

This customer already knew how "precious" a good pair of Solid, Australian Black Opal is so he's decided to purchase this earring the very first moment he laid his eyes on!!

K18 White Gold & Diamond is the detail of this setting and it's 100% hand-made, from scratch. 
Unlike some other gemstones, it can not be a "PERFECT" match but quite good enough, don't you think?

Check out our website for more collection

xxx   Malayvone


Please have a look at these two photos...
Do you see any connection between them at all?

Well, they are both just "BEAUTIFUL" to look at for sure and most important thing I'd like to point here is that they're both a "Natural Art" which can never be created again!!
The blue sky might look the same to some people, but infact they are not exactly the same. Today
might be a bit brighter, and tomorrow a bit deeper... so is this beautiful gemstone -OPAL!                             
One Black Opal loose stone might be just perfect like this picture, and another might not be as good... Only nature can decide what's there to be offered & what human being can enjoy. My advice for all of you is "ENJOY ITS BEST WHILE AVAILABLE" thus select the best quality when possible!!   
See if your day will be as beautiful as this "COLOR" my friend!

                                 xxx     Malayvone                                         

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Opal Chequer Board

Amazing combination of 100 opal characters.

How many colors can you find in this picture?
What can you imagine from each picture?
Which is your favorite opal color?

Here is an inspiration that you can play with....

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Black Opal Pendant ~25 carat!!~

This is a solid Black Opal pendant (from Lightning Ridge) ,in 18K yellow gold with natural diamonds.
Believe it or not,  an opal weights 25.00 carat!! It's one of the largest black opal you can find in our shop.

As I've mentioned before, colour is the most important point in valueing opal, so this piece makes it "Super Special"!!

This black opal pendant has a very bright green and gold color, and comes in a perfect shape.
You will enjoy wearing this magnificent opal pendant in a special occation, the beauty will catch everyone's eyes for sure!!!

For further details, please click here.
Have a lovely evening.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pipe Opal

This opal is called "Pipe Opal", which has formed inside the roundish or tubular holes in the sandstone or ironstone. It is found exclusively in Queensland.

Most of pipe opal is crystally looking opal with some bright colours.
Because of the way it's been formed uniquely, Pipe Opal is known as a collectable item among the Opal lovers.

There is a difference between opals for jewellery quality and opals for the collecters to love and enjoy.

In my opinion, there is always reasons why you are in love with a particular piece. If you like it and suitable for you to buy, then it will be 'special' for you.
This is how you can enjoy gemstones, not just the matter of the price!

Have another lovely day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to select a quality piece of 'Black Opal'?

Do you know how does the high quality "Black Opal" look like?
A lot of people believe that high quality "Black Opal" tends to be really black (or just dark) like a picture below, simply because that's what many shop asisstants or opal dealers would tell their customers when selling it.

As an Australian Black Opal  & Boulder Opal Specialist, I can not help but to tell you that "it is not true" and a high quality Black Opal shows vibrant colors on its surface reflecting the dark body tone.

The more color, the more valuable. Especially in Black Opal family, if it comes in colors like red or rainbow, then it's the rarest, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. What's rare simply become valuable. Also a large, unusual pattern is often valuable than a small, common pattern.

A name of "Black Opal" - is taken from its natural dark body tone or its black backing appearance (sometimes called this a 'black potch'). So the proper definition of quality Black Opal is, "the opal which has bright colors on its surface and comes with a black or a grey natural base (potch)".

I hope you can find a good retailer that you can trust, for selecting the right gem or quality jewellery .
Please visit our website to learn how to find the right opal without confusions...

Have another lovely day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Silver, Boulder Opal Pendants!

Here is our new line!! A hand-made Silver, Boulder Opal Pendants. The price starts from A$33~ and they are all ready to select now, in our showroom.
No two opals are the same, every one of them is so unique and all hand-made jewellery...

It is a great idea to buy for your friend or family, and it's exclusively from Australia!
I can assure you that there won't be any good quality Boulder Opal pendant like this with such a reasonable price!!!

These new items are now available in 100 pieces or more.
Please find our showroom and its location from here.

Thank you, hope to see you and have a lovely day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A unique boulder opal

This Boulder Opal was so loved by staffs and many customers because of its vivid rainbow colors and unique shape.

It is already sold, but sometimes I remember its strong character.
I played and enjoyed its colors and shape in my hand.

Boulder Opal has formed naturally in an ironstone rock (boulder). That's why these stones are preferred by people who have more originality or who are more progressive in their jewellery tastes. And also this is the most popular opal amongst jewellery designers around the world.
Please visit our website to learn more about Australian Boulder Opal.

Have a lovely day!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A pair of opal

There are lots of people who are looking for a pair of earring or pierced earring in Opal.

I wish I could help them, however, it's just too difficult to find a good pair with this gemstone.

As I've explained before, Opal is extremely unique and there is no two opals the same. That's why, to find similar opal looses to match in color, pattern, shape and cabochon, etc, is impossible in solid.

If you are really lucky, you will be able to see "a natural split" like this picture below.

These are Boulder Opal loose stones, which originally came from the same rough iron-stone.

 They might not look the same to you or might not be a good pair for an earring, but for us "They are just good enough", after understanding its preciousness...

By the way, there are many out there which is a "perfect pair" in man-made opal.

I won't say "do not buy it", it's totally up to your own decision, but please be aware of how to take care of it and understand its value difference. Avoid taking a shower, keep it dry, avoid the direct sunlight, and do not expect the beauty of color will last forever, it will fade in future.

Our company, Gemstory Pty Ltd. introduce only Solid (genuine) Opals, because the beauty and the value will last forever. And of course, most importantly, no one can have what you have !!

A solid "natural split pair of Opal" will make it really special, only for you...

Monday, August 8, 2011


Please have a look at this beautiful BLUE SKY I am sending you!
This photo was taken infront of our shop in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.
Isn't it amazing!!??

And, speaking of an amazing BLUE COLOR, I also would like you to have another look at this "Boulder Opal Ring's color'".....   It is such a beautiful "crystal clear blue color'" that you can relate to this sky here, don't you think?

This is a true quality of Australian Opal which you'll never find in any other part of the world!!!

By Malayvone

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Various colors and colors

Good Afternoon.

This is my favorite Opal in our store recently.

A lovely Solid Boulder Opal, 7.65carat.

Brilliant colors from red to purple are transforming on its surface, and they form a breathtaking pattern. In any direction, you will see the various color combination and contrast, such as strong red and gold, soft purple, sparkling blue and green as well as  waves of broad yellow and green colors.

Usually we look at a gem or a jewellery under the halogen lights which most jewellery shops have. For looking at an opal, it's good idea to look under different types of lights as much as you can. So what we suggest you do is look under the fluorescence lights, daylight or even under the shade. If you do this you may find another character of that stone.

We hope our information helps you to learn more about Opal.

Please contact us if you have any enquiry.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good afternoon everyone!!

Today is a beautiful, warm day, just like inside of our showroom located in Surfers Paradise. (Map)

As you may already know that we are a "Black Opal & Boulder Opal Specialist", you will find the largest range of solid, Australian Black Opals and Boulder Opals here.
We can also assure that our service will meet your expectations!!

Please find out more about our business and we are hoping to see you in our showroom in future.   (^_^)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heart Shape Opal

Today, I would like to introduce this black opal.
A lot of customers love it, not only because of its deep beautiful colors, but also its unique curvy proportion.
I will show you it from another direction.
What do you imagine from this opal?
I think it looks like a heart shape.
My boss says that he sees it as a tooth of a shark. (He loves marine animals, by the way.)

I never get bored to look at our beautiful Opals.
Each one has a different character, and that will be one and only for each.

Please visit our website or our FB to know more about Australian Opal.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The beauty for the universe

Our showroom is located in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, where it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world!! Various nationality of customers will visit our shop, each have different cultures and speak different languages...very unique and fascinating, indeed.
Well, speaking of "uniqueness", I think there is one thing that no one can ignore, and that is the beauty of Australian opals!
This is a solid, Australian Boulder opal pendant (13.35ct) in K18 WG & Diamonds.
Many customers who visit our showroom will stop their feet and grance at this 'breathtaking' beauty.

A brilliant blue, green and purple color flashing on its surface. 
With this special play of color,we created a particular suitable design which makes its more beautiful.

We are always happy to help designing and creating your 'only one' jewellery.
If you are interested, please visit our website to find your favorite opal and contact us.

Have a lovely evening.

Monday, August 1, 2011

This is it!

Good afternoon.A new month has begun. It is the last month of winter for us. The weather is actually getting better and better.
Today, I would like to introduce our new black opal.

Reflecting on the dark black base, you will see a rich and dinamic play of color, like a painter splashing his brush with plently of colors across the canvas.
This magnificent black opal has a perfect shape and a high dome with vivid orange, gold and green colors.

There is hardly any chance to see a high quality black opal like this.
 This is the type of black opal we are always looking for!!

By the way, one of our customer has mentioned that he can see a dinosaur in its pattern.
Can you see it?
Or can you see something else?
Have a lovely day...