Monday, July 30, 2012

Be particular

Lovely French girl purchased
a beautiful Black Opal ring on the other day!!!

stunningly LARGE!!!

It shows like green and blue "restless waves".....

On the process of selecting this,
firstly she selected a loose stone,
then chose a gold casting which matches this opal.
This way takes a little more time
than choosing a ring straight away,
however, you can be particular about
the quality of Opal for sure!!!

It would be a special gift for her loved mom,
a gemstone called "rainbow from down under"......

xxx Mayu

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It girl!!

When you chose a good gemstone
for someone special,
you would like to give something PERFECT.

Today, I had a Chinese gentleman
who is looking for a Black Opal for his GF.

He has done his research in Opal very well
so that has a clear vision of what he wants.

His request was....

1, red colour
2, bright
3, oval shape
4, BLACK OPAL (not even Boulder Opal!!)
5, high dome
6, should be about 1carat but not over 2carat

Moreover, he has a badget of $1000.....

It took more than 1 hour to select one....
And we ended up with a beautiful and
PERFECT Black Opal!!!

Not only red but also so many other colours.
Price, shape and size are absolutely perfect!!

This is his IT girl :)

Visit !!

xxx Mayu

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An opal which warm me up

We are in the middle of the cold winter here in Gold Coast,
and there is only one way to warm me up...

To look at those BURNING FIRE on Opal...

This magnificent RED Boulder Opal has 
37.17 carat for its largeness,
and has a FINE FIGURE.

Look, don't you think so???

Those chunk of colours,
in Pin Fire as well as Palette pattern,
are sparkling strongly on the ironstone....

Always fall in love with natural art like this.

Click here to see more datails.

xxx Mayu

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Australian Gift

Good morning from Surfers Paradise!!!

Today, I had suprising customers.
My sweet sharemates!

They were here to look for something Australian
 for our other share mate's Birthday☆

My recomenndation is.....

Of course OPAL!!!!

Here is our new creation of beads breaslet.
Unisex design, using Queensland boulder opal in the center,
Turquoise, Lapislazuli and Tiger's eye.
For more shiny and rich image, we also use silver color beads in this item!

These color reminds me of Australia!
Beautiful sunny sky from Turquoise
Deep blue night sea from Lapislazuli


Boulder opal, which  makes me remember heartful & peaceful Aussie soul!

hahaha ~☆ 

That's so Australian !!!
to meet your  ONE & ONLY  

Have a lovely Sunday !!!
xxx Noriko


Friday, July 20, 2012

"RED COLOR" ... a powerful one!

My favorite color ... "RED" !!

Everytime I make a new 'opal beads bracelet' or 'opal beads earrings', I tend to use lots of RED or ORANGE without realizing. This color must have a strong meaning or a special energy to me, hehehe...

At the same time, I always think "NOP, red is beautiful however green color will suit me when I place many gemstones against my skin color" .
Perhaps what you like is a little bit different to what suits you... and it also depends on how you feel on that particular situation, right?!!??

"RED COLOR" ... It is valuable color in Black Opal family. This color has lots of stimulation and energy, helping you to overtake the leadership when necessary. If you want a success, passion and courage in life, I strongly recommend you carry or wear some red color items before stepping out of the house!!!

xxxx      Malayvone 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello from beautiful GOLD COAST !! As a 'Jewellery Designer', I always wonder how is my favorite 'PIECE OF ART' or 'CREATION' doing after it's been sold to the customer... Sure no-one will wear their luxury jewelleries roughly, but I am just curious whether our lovely opal collection is doing fine, been worn often enough or not, you know.

Everytime we create a new design for the customer, it's time consuming, cost effective and often customer's high expectation is involved! We (my self & the jeweller) must understand what customer wants and how to turn opal looking gorgeous, etc... The more we take time in making, the happier our customer will be...and that leads the wearer to enjoy their opal jewellery for many years to come!

If you are always wearing your "SPECIAL OPAL JEWELLERY" bought from us, then it shows everyone that you're proud of your choice & the opal will be proud of you too!!! Have a wonderful day...

                                         xxxx Malayvone

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CLEAN FACE Boulder Opal

Good Afternoon♥

Here is an UNIQUE GEMSTONE.....
not like a Diamond,
not like a Ruby or Sapphire,

YES it is an OPAL!!!

Australian Boulder Opal,
known as having an ironstone on the backing,
is likely to show its ironstone on the surface as well.
Therefore, it could affect the value of an opal.

Talking about this beautiful Boulder Opal,
it has a "CLEAN FACE"
which rarely shows the ironstone on the surface,
means this is in perfect condition!!

Even the ironstone on the backing makes

Here it is!!!!

xxx Mayu

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eat well & work hard !!!

It's cold, wet and windy ...and what's more, it is "WINTER SEASON" here in Gold Coast!!

Never mind, I have a good idea to cheer things up. 

Here you are!

Have some 'PHO' - It's a Vietnamese Noodle Soup. Along with that, I have also made some Curry Puffs & Deep Fried Spring Rolls to warm you up...

When you eat well and healthy, you'll have more energy to concentrate your mind on daily routines, like .... ummm.... make more beautiful items for the store or increase your inspirations for the new jewellery design, right?!!??!! 

So, "BON APETITE" everyone!

xxxx     Malayvone

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New arrival!! rich pair of jewelleries

A new pendant has just arrived at Opal Direct!!

A 2.09carat, magnificent Australian Black Opal
set into K18 white gold with brilliant diamonds around.

Blue and green colours moves like a candle flame,
then shines intensely on your skin.

When you enjoy the rich jewellery like this,
you probably would like to try "a pair".

So here is some idea :)

A 2.20carat Black Opal as a center stone,
lots of diamond on its design.
( See older post which was talking
about this adorable Black Opal.)

These two solid Black Opals still have some
similarity and also have uniqueness on their own.

You can enjoy them wearing
together as a matching pair or
one each with your own jewellery.

Opal Direct have a lot of opal loose stone
 which are ready to set,
so we are happy to help you to make
your opal jewellery!!

Visit our website to find more beauties!!

xxx Mayu

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Faces!!!

Good evening from Surfers Paradise!

Introducing our new faces!
Queensland Boulder Opal pendants are now available !!! 

Unisex designs in sterling silver,
with a beauty of it's unique shapes and colors on
 natural formation of brown ironstone ♪♪♪

So many new items and opal beads inspire our imaginations!

Let's see...
I can see the daylight appearing
between the layers of morning sky, don't you?

Please come and see your ONE AND ONLY in our store.
You can also check our items on the website, Opal Direct.
And select your favorite pice there!

Also, please don't hesitate to ask any questions about opal!

xxx Noriko

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweets Color Beads Bracelets

Good morning from Surfers paradise!

bijew team proudly introduce this " Sweets Color" new beads bracelet!!!

Ofcourse it's all hand  made
using natural opal,
Rose quartz and Amazonite.
For  more shainy and rich image, we also use faceted crystal beads in this item!
You may imagine something pure and sweets like cupcakes from this color.
How cute it is♡♡♡
It also has the meanings of romance, fresh and peace.
Enjoy this innocent, pure color and live lovely!
xxx Noriko

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Cinderella piece ...

We have found a "CINDERELLA" who'd enjoy this superb ring perfectly!!
This is 'Solid, Australian Boulder Opal set in Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconias' and it is a hand-made piece.

As you can see how luxury it's been made, nice and heavy finished but not too heavy which will make the wearer feeling uncomfortable...It's almost impossible to re-size a special ring like this due to the amount of stones been setted.

Can you imagine how much time and efforts the Jeweller has put inot this design by looking at the ring from the bottom site?
That's why 'hand-made ' item is so special !!!

Our customer was so happy when she found this beautiful ring dispayed in our showroom and when she realized that the ring fitted her finger so perfectly...and so are we.
A true Cinderella story I call, hehehe...

xxxx     Malayvone

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making an original ordered pendant top part2

On the other day, I have wrote
 Making an original ordered pendant top part1 .

Our jeweler worked really hard for making
the client's order perfect!!

And so, this is what it is!!


The Boulder Opal and  "skeleton" silver pendant top
got together really well!!!!

As Malayvone said on the other day,
this jewellery appeals who the wearer is and it is
"He is what he creates".

Vivid colours of Opal and a cool looking of this pendant
head matches extremely well and express its "Strength"!!

I am 100% sure that it would be loved for lifetime
and would always give wearer satisfaction by wearing
"a master piece" of himself.

Good gemstone or jewellery is not only for dressing up
or showing off, but also for appealing "who you are"!!

 xxx Mayu

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You are what you create!!

Introducing our new collection!!

Mayu has created another lovely, but very elegant 'OPAL BEADS BRACELET' today and I am sure this new creation of hers, will be a popular one again...

This is my philososhy when it comes to appealing who you are and it is "You are what you crate".... agree or not??!!?

It is clear that your personality & your style shows who you are or what you like, depends on what you buy or create, I believe...

And to me, Mayu indicates us how LOVELY but MATURE she is, by seeing her beautiful creations in the shop.

Good on her !!! 

xxxx     Malayvone

Monday, July 2, 2012

A good pair or not? Don't worry too much...

Have you realized how difficult to find a matching pair in 'Australian solid Blach opals' ??!!?

It's not just difficult or too hard we're talking about here... It's 'extremely rare' and it's 'impossible' to satisfy or guarantee anyone to find a perfect matching!!

And what's interesting about this gemstone is, even when you have found a decent pair of Black opal, it often reveals another kind of colors and characters under the different lightings!

So my point is... don't worry whether you'll be lucky to find a good pair or not, just enjoy each every piece of quality opals because they always change their 'beauty' under the different circumstance and any quality opal is a good opal at the end of the day!!!!
True or not?

xxxx     Malayvone