Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat up Ethiopian Opal in microwave!?!?

Have you seen a page of

This page is one of very popular page on
Gemstory's website and there is a gentleman,
Mr.Ben, living in USA,
who was inspired by the page and made the
same experiment, but with an Ethiopian Opal.

The origin of  Ethiopian Opal is volcanic
so that it has a high water content.
Therefore, it should be protected from heat and
prolonged exposure to strong light, which could dry it out.

Mr. Ben heated up Ethiopian Opal in microwave
in his experiment.

As a result, Mr. Ben has reported
“It fractured into thousands of little pieces・・・・”

When we heated up Australian Black and Boulder Opal
they didn't change their colour or any condition.
Many people think that Opal needs to be avoided
 in extreme heat or needs to dip in water occasionally
to keep its best condition, but this experiment has
approved that you should not be sensitive about it.

On the other hand, Ethiopian Opal contains higher
percentage of water. So when it comes to Ethiopian Opal,
you should be more sensitive about heat, dryness and lighting
to avoid drying it out.

Australian Opal is very stable and you don't need to
 be worried too much!!!!!

(I'm not saying that Ethionpian opal is bad!)

Everybody has a different taste,
some people might like a milky colours or
fragility of Ethiopian Opal, or some people,
like me, love a stability and vivid colours
of Australian Opal.

In the end, I'd like to thank you to Mr. Ben for
reporting such a great work!!

See more experiments???

xxx Mayu

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