Monday, July 13, 2015

Opal Direct .. is the BEST !!

When you're seeking for the best opal from Australia ...
You can not go pass our store.

Check out, our amazing rainbow collection through online

Another beautiful time, beautiful day I have in Japan ...

xxxx    Malayvone

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beautiful Australian OPAL VS Korean blings !!

HELLO to those who loves "BLING BLING" !!

I visited Korea for the second time last week (early July 2015), found lots of rainbow colored materials for such crazy prices (super cheap !) but thinking  ...

"it's not as beautiful or colorful when compares to 
Australian opals" ...

See what I mean here ??!!?

Australian Black Opal Loose Stone  -  Best of the best !!!

Sure, it's a great market to seek for beautiful and affordable stuffs such as fabrics and jewelries in Korea.

See the following items.

This country has many to offer 
if you're happy with imitations or cheap items!
I guarantee you.   

All pretty, average price range is A$5 each 
Or A$10 a meter for the rhinestone 
chains and beautiful jewelry parts ...

Unbelievably CHEAP !!! 

All hand made jewelry with natural gems  



Korean money's exchange rate 
is about A$1.00 @ 1000W


Lovely collection I found at duty free stores.

Even the train ticket is colorful (haha) !!

Seoul in Korea is a must place to visit and good for shopping, nice people, great culture, 
huge gap between rich & poor, 
I think Korea is a wonderful place to visit again, 
just not as beautiful as Australia though ...

Love Australia and I truly appreciate the beauty of 
Australian gem  - OPAL !!  

(more than ever now ...)   

Out door chefs, for the best dining !!!

Lots of people and energy on street.

Bought 20 pairs of quality socks in Korea 
for myself, for only A$10 !!!

Love or hate these interesting designs ??!

Anyway, now I am back in Japan ... 
missing my family & my home on the Gold Coast.

xxxx    Malayvone