Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New items!!


6 new items have arrived in our store :)
I will introduce you a beautiful Boulder Opal pendant today.
Solid Australian Boulder Opal pendant (10.0carat) set in sterling silver.

This opal has soft green color gradation and reddish lines like a river on the left side of the surface. Such a wonderful contrast... It also has brown ironstone which shows more naturality.

If you would like to know more details, please contact us.
You will fide more Boulder Opals on our website!!

Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, May 28, 2011



I saw a great sunset......
It reminds me this Opal.
This 5.4 carat, Boulder Opal has soft colour gradation. Wearing this opal is like carrying a sunset of Gold Coast.....

What is your plan for the weekend?
I wish all of you to have a lovely time!!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Rainbow in the sunshine state….

In Australia, there is a rainbow gemstone called OPAL, as well as a rainbow bird bird like this…….

Look at his rainbow color body!!
They are pretty but not a good singer, and love to play all day long…..

How naughty this one is, he’s snatching a sugar!!!!

You can easily spot lorikeet in our neighborhood, they are loud, talkative and friendly……

Have a lovely weekend!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How we can go down???

Good evening!!

Today I had a customer who asked, "How do you find Opal?"

As I've explained on my recent blog,Opal is found from underground.
We go down between 15M to 30M to find Opal beds, then heading sideway.

Some miners still use their bare hand, dig all soil with shovels...imagine how difficult will it be!
Some are lucky, like this miner. He goes up and down with a lift just like this!!

Opal occurs in very few locations because its formation requires very special circumstances involving the coincidence of geological and possibly biological phenomena.
Scientific research and studies over the last two centuries have provided comprehensive detail about the formation of most gemstones. Unfortunately the genesis of Opal is still not properly understood.

If you would like to know more about Opal formation, please have a look at our website.

Have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our lovely beach in Gold Coast

Good afternoon!!

Our exclusive shop "GEMSTORY" is located in Gold Coast, Australia, which has the marvellous beach!!!!!!
Our pristine beaches offer a full day of fun with parks, walking tracks, BBQ facilities and much more, located from one end of the Coast to the other.

I have my favorite spot in Currumbin area.....The best place for a BEER!!!!

It is located just by the beach so you can eat and drink with the perfect ocean view!
The taste of food is awesome and a beer is always well-cold :)

If you have a chance to come to Gold Coast, you should visit this place!!

And don't forget to visit us:)

If you need any information about Australia to plan your travel,we are always happy to help you.

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of my favorite...!

Hello how was your weekend?
I hope everyone had a great time!

Today I'd love to introduce you one of my favorite "Boulder Opal".
"Boulder Opal" is ONLY from Queensland which has a unique shape and strong colors.

This is my favorite!
A Boulder Opal with 35.95carat

I love this beautiful blue and green color!!
It's almost like the Gold Coast's ocean.
When you move this Boulder Opal on your hand, you will see the more beautiful colors.
And also you will be able to see these colors
from any angles!!
(To see from the other angles please click here.)

I want to tell you one more good point of this opal.
This Boulder Opal has "clean face", which means no ironstone showing on the surface. Because Boulder Opal naturally forms with ironstone on the back of opal, most of Boulder Opals have ironstone on the surface of opals as well. (We call this "a sand spot")
Sometimes, if a sand spot is clearly noticeable or makes cloudiness on the surface it could affect the value.
 "Clean face” Boulder Opal is very hard to find, especially with intense colors like this piece!!

If you would like to know more about this Boulder Opal, please have a look our website, or visit our store in Surfers Paradise.

Have a lovely afternoon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Opal is from...!

We've left one question for you last night, which was...
"Where do you think Opal miners find these presious Opals at?"

Here is the answer!!
Opals are found "underground".

We have introduced about Lightning Ridge field previously,
if you have read the Vol. 1 & 2, this question should be easy for you to guess  : )

There is so many information about Opal we'd like to share with you.
Here is some basic knowledge which you can learn about opal.
Please have a read and don't hesitate to ask questions....

Wish you all have a great Sunday evening.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where is Opal comes from?

 Sometimes we have customers who ask;
"Does Black Opal come from the Ocean?"
"Does Black Opal come from the Volcano?"
"Does Black Opal come from the Mountain?"
Now the question is where do you think the miner find these precious Opals?

We will leave this question for over night.
Please let us know what you think and also feel free to leave us a message or an answer on our Facebook page.

Wish everyone to have a great Saturday night. 

A trip to "Lightning Ridge" vol.2

This is vol.2. continuing from yesterday. If you haven't seen vol.1,please click here.

After 12 hours of driving, we finally arrived to Lightning Ridge.....( Actually, I didn't drive, my boss did. I was just sitting in the car and looking at scenes outside....Thank you for driving boss!!)

This is a field of Black Opals where people mine!!
As you can see, the ground was really dry and sandy like a desert.
There were many holes and well-used trucks and machines on the field.

We thought we could easily find miners if we went to the field.
But no ones there, we were really worried if we couldn't find anyone or anything............

After 20 minutes of drive, we finally met him!!!!

                                           Such a lovely smile....
                            He is an expart Black opal miner.

                            He took us down to his hole.

This hole is about 8M depth. His friend and he works there almost everyday.

Then,he showed us some of rough Black Opals.
Even they work everyday, it is really really hard to find a valuable Black Opal.
"This is very hard job. The luck of finding Black Opal is like one in a million... 30 years ago was much easier to find the Black Opal.
"The price of petrol and other expences for running machines are getting expensive, so lots of miner gave up and left the field" he said.
He still mining Black Opal, because he just loves it.

I realised miners used lots of energy and money to find the one Black opal. How precious is it?!!!!!!

After seen the passion of miners and how they are finding the one Black opal in Lightning Ridge I waned to share all of my experiences and the story with my customers.
 An entrance of  Lightning Ridge has "?" mark for the population,
because people always come and leave in this town. 

I hope you can see how precious these Black Opals are from this blog :)

To find more information about Black Opal, please visit our website.
You can learn more about Australian Opal. 

I hope everyone has lovely Saturday afternoon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A trip to "Lightning Ridge"


Have you ever heard about a town called "Lightning Ridge"?

Sure you"ll know the name if you're an opal admire....

"Lightning Ridge" is a well known place amongst tourists in Australia, because that is where you can only find precious Black opal!!!!!!!

We went there about 6 months ago and  it was an exciting trip.

5:00AM.... I had to wake up really early in the morning not only to avoid the traffic but also to get there before dark,because this trip takes about 12 hours straight.

As I drove further, scenery kept changing...

                      From a sunshine state to outback...

It was my first time to go "OUTBACK" so I was really impressed!!!
We hardly passed any other car, but there were mamy kangaroos and emues passed by.
 This is Australia....a big,big,big country!!!!

I will continue this story for you tomorrow...

To be continued.... 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our new display


Do you remember Boulder opal rocks which we have introduced in this blog on this Tuesday?

We've finally made a wonderful display !!

         "The rocks mountain" Gemstory version.....

They are actually very heavy and not been stabilised, so I was afraid of displaying the rock one on top of another, but  look at my boss!!
She made a big mountain like this.
She is not afraid of anything, such a strong person!!!

We have some "Specimens" which is still in a natural / rough condition, but there is also some rocks which has been cut and polished available in our store.

I believe they will look nice to display  in your house!!

It's been raining in Gold Coast since this morning.....
Hope everyone can enjoy your day even with this weather.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Penguin Opal

Good evening!!!

Today,I would like to introduce you this magnificent Black opal.....

                           It is 0.95carat, Black opal  from Lightning Ridge.
What I love about this opal is this vivid colour!!this is not a large piece, but the brilliancy of this opal is one of the best I've ever seen.

And also, can you find "a penguin" in this opal?
Yes,on the right side!!!This opal gives me an imagination of  a penguin in Antarctica, along with an Aurora....

What can you imagine from this opal???

Australian opals have so many colours and patterns.When you see  one, it is one and only, which you'll never find another the same.How special.....

If you find any interesting opal from our collection in website, please email us and let us know!!!!!
I hope you will enjoy special characters in our opal collection....

Have a beautiful evening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Fishy :)

Our cute pets :)

Lot of customers also come to see our colorfull fishies!
Enjoyable time for kids to adult who came into our store :)  

Today wasn't too cold and I enjoyed the beautiful day at work.
I hope everyone had great day :)

Have a lovely evening.


Guess what!!

Guess what we've got today!!!!?


Do you know what kind of rocks these are?

They are Boulder Opal's rocks!

These rocks are called  'Rough material'  and they are Boulder opal from Queensland. Unfortunately these rocks won't become a gem quality...
So we are going to leave them as a display.

If you are really really lucky to find a quality piece, then when you cut and polish
you might see something like this!!!!!!!

This is a boulder opal, 19.75carat, with an amazing green and blue colour....

Every year, it's getting rarer  to find good quality Opals...
That is why many people love them, because of its rareness.

Please visit our store or have a look at our website or Facebook Page  to see
more beautiful collections of our opals!

Have a lovely afternoon :)