Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Amazing boulder opals!!

Ever seen anything like this before ?!?

Year, your mom's sad & angry face, 
that's for sure, but in an opal ... seriously.

This is amazing!



Australian boulder opal is not just beautiful and rare, it's actually very amusing & artistic, you just can't predict what's next or what you'll find inside the rock next!

Lots of colors or not, large or small ... 
it does not matter, really. As long as it's got full of character and an original beauty.  

Thanks to our friendly boulder opal miners 
Norman & Julie ... 
Their hard work & their love of opal must have created these unique, happy characters. 

I love opals because of the natural art within it, the strength of colors, the preciousness and of course, the story of opal miner who just can't stop loving this gem !!

Thanks to the mother nature, to an Australian soil and to the people who is heavily & truly in love with this gemstone. 

Lovely blue sky we have again, here in Gold Coast !!!
Australian opal is superb  (^^)

xxxx     Malayvone