Monday, May 30, 2016

We are a ' lifetime partner ' ... beautiful boulder opal pairs !!

Floral VS Feather

" Believe it or not, we've been lifetime partner 
for million of years !! "

As they are whispering to us ...

Have you been waiting for something lovely?

If so, please see all photos & videos from here.
You'love these new opals !!

Perfect !!

Beautiful pair of quality, solid, Australian boulder opal 
is extremely a rare find.

Super rare, you'll just have to stop looking for it, 
until miracle happens.

This time, we're really fortunate !!

Very lucky and delightful to be able to introduce these pairs, amazing 4 pairs to you.   
Please don't say "only 4 pairs" ..
4 pair, is actually too good to be true !!

Rain Forest VS Tropical Beach

Some are great, quite similar and some ... 
not quite the same.

One might be a bit brighter, another might be larger in size, sometimes one has stronger character and 
other has less impression.

Just like human beings, right ?!?   

Rocky VS Smoothie

Very pretty or a bit less pretty, 
they're still 'precious' and you won't come across 
a nice pair like this easily. 

Great prices, lucky pairs for forever happiness & 
lifetime satisfaction !!

Only to be found at Quilpie, Queensland, Australia.

xxxx     Malayvone

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Original design casting / mounting is available now !!

Finally !!!

We now have some original, beautiful designer's ring & pendant castings ready to share with you.

This is 100% Japan made and high standard, 
any shape opal loose stone and other gemstone can fit in smoothly.

A great team we have hare in Japan !!

Trendy designer's ring and pendant / brooch ...

All lovely and you'll love some of it !!!


Select your favorite opals ...
Or consider making new jewelry with your favorite gemstones ...

We are more than happy to assist you with original ideas and you won't be disappointed when contacting us.

Check out for more !!

xxxx   Malayvone