Friday, January 20, 2017

Perfect for MEN & WOMEN's jewelry !!

Our new beautiful collection of solid Australian boulder opal loose stone ♬

This piece is strongly recommended for both MEN & WOMEN if making in a pendant.

If you clarify this opal as diamond ...   (^^)

Carat size  :  26.7ct

Color  :  Earthy Blue

Cut  :  Free Form

Clarity  :  Very clear and clean


When you're selecting an opal, the above point is crucial to follow but at the end of the day, your instinct and your personal taste is more important than anything !!

So, if you feel something towards this boulder opal loose, it means 'you like it' and there's a great potential that you have it and see it against your skin.

It might look more impressive & stunning more than you're expected.

See it, feel it and love it ... your satisfaction is always guaranteed !!

Here's more details & video  :

Hope you'll enjoy the video !!!!

xxxx     Malayvone 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Malayvone Souvannavong's original 'convertible jewelry' !!

Here's our original collection in 
'Japanese Pearl Jewelry' !!

Centered is a high quality 'akoya pearl' of 8mm (+) ... 
Exposing the beauty of Japanese pearl but protecting from surface's scratches / damages at the same time.

A convertible original jewelry which looks really simple, modern and elegant, with a little touch it 
converts into something very different, 
suitable for both men & women.

This ring actually stands alone by having the metal cut 
in the certain angle on the bottom, 
holding the ring well balanced ... 

More detail & photos

Enjoy this item as an object, ring and pendant  (^^)

Simple but different !!

Looks pretty and wear it pretty ♬ 
That's how you wear jewelry !!

Contact us if you're interested !!

xxxx     Malayvone

Monday, January 16, 2017

The beauty of this opal is indescribable !! (^^♪

Words can't be expressed when you find a beauty like this !!

To find out more, please check out from below link.

And to see more video & details, 
please go to the link here, 
thanks !!

Rainbow color ...

Unique as human beings ...

Highest 'play of color' ...

Clean & clear ...

Brightest ...

Interesting pattern ...

Large in carat size ...

Money can not replace this beauty ...
The true beauty of solid boulder opal 
straight from Australian soil.

Who'll be the lucky one to inherit this beauty !!!

I'm sure you love this as much as I am and 
you wanna be one, right ??!!!?   


xxxx     Malayvone

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Men's Opal Jewelry !!

More and more orders for  'men's opal jewelry' !!

How do we take orders from you ?!?

Please find below link and follow the instruction 

Find your favorite opal loose stone or loose stones and contact us by filling up the 'contact corm'.

Write as much details and/or make inquiry before 
proceeding so that we can help creating exactly 
what you're looking for.   

We can draw up some designs to suit your taste, 
your budget and your need, providing with exact measurements, material details and more.

Give us a chance and you'll be able to 
see the difference !!

When the design's been decided, we then consult with our jeweler to finalize all ... 

The payment will be confirmed and we'll take enough time (about one month) to complete your special order.

Good thing takes time.

Once it's done properly, your opal jewelry will be 
treasured lifetime, guaranteed !!!


Happy New Year !!


May this lovely gem brings you all happiness !!!!!

xxxx   Malayvone