Saturday, January 25, 2014


What is a 'good opal' compares to 'not so good opal' ... 
What makes one more valuable than others??
 How is opal valued???
Well, let's think simple!
What looks pretty and more desirable to you in general?
Cars, houses, boats, humans, etc ...
Is it just the look that matter to you or the
detail is also important.
Perhaps our website can help answering more ..

Opal is exactly the same !! Select carefully, by following these factors ... 
**   SOLID or FAKE   **
Make sure an opal you're about to select is
not Doublet or Triplet, even color treated or lab created.
If it's fully solid (100% natural) then it's quite special. 
**   VIVID or PALE  ** 
Does that opal has colors and lustures,
brilliancy or good impressions to you on your first sight?
The brightness and clarity of colors displayed by
opal from its surface is quite important.
**   UNIQUE or BORIING   **
When you turn or move opal -
does the color and its pattern changes,
reflects and dances at all? If the pattern is collectable
then the value of opal normally increases,
and when it shows some 'play of color' then sure it'll be
more fun to look at & to wear for many years to come!


**   CLEAN or SPOTTED   **
Always examine each piece of opal closely
because you don't want to purchase anything that has
deep scratches or cloudy spots or cracky quality opal.
In Australian 'boulder opal' (for instance),
the less brown ironstone showing on its surface,
the better & rarer it becomes.
**   BIG or SMALL   **
And of course, in anything ... I mean really 'anything' !!!
Is it BIG ENOUGH or a bit too small  (haha)
for you to enjoy??
If an opal is too small then its value can drop a bit,
the larger piece is always the better.
But if there's not much beauty or colors,
pick a smaller one with colors instead ♪♪
Further questions you have,
please write to me, thanks...
Love Australian Opals !!!  

Meet me at Tucson Show if you'd like
to see my 'rainbow collection' !!!
xxxx     Malayvone

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