Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My long time friend ... (more like older brother?!?) Steve ♪♪
Without a legend like him, Australian Boulder Opal from Queensland wouldn't be as popular as today!!
Check out our latest Australian
Black Opal & Boulder Opal collection from our
online shopping site and learn more about
Australian Boulder Opal! 

Being a "diamond cutter" before heavily getting
involved in OPAL INDUSTRY, he can also create a
beautiful jewellery like this "INLAY OPAL RING" ...
100% Hand Crafted Item !! 
So pretty, I found a BIG HEART rightaway (^^)
Can you see a heart shaped pattern, in the red color?

And look how much hard work & how much time
one'll have to put into ... before you see a beautiful collection
of Good, Australian Opal or Opal Jewelry.
No wonder why the value of Australian Opal is so
because only professional people like Steve (and Me ??!!??)
can use their high skills to bring it into life!! 

Big or small, Rough or clean, Tough or soft, I
nteresting or boring ... However condition the opal rock is,
it sure has some sort of beauty & uniqueness in each every piece ... and our mission is to examine & turn it into something

Australian Opal is considered the
We love this unique GEM so much,
just can not have enough of it ... And still deeply involved in
OPAL BUSINESS after over 20 years !!!

Love our profession & our friendship ♪
Of course lunch at AUSSIE WORLD -
near Sunshine Coast, was another great one!!
xxxx    Malayvone

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