Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Learn before buying ... !!!

Another beautiful day in Gold Coast !!!

And another beautiful piece my customer was interested in ... This is a solid, Australian black (semi-black) opal pendant, set in K18 & Diamonds, my original designed item.

Unfortunately, this customer I was assisting was not aware of the quality difference in Australian opals ... never heard of 'Doublet' or 'Triplet' so I took time to explain and showing all kinds of opal which is available today!

She appreciated all information and told that she'll have to save up "MORE" to buy a special piece of jewellery like this ... At least she understood my point & I am hoping to see her in our showroom again, in future. 

The more patient you have and more researches you do before buying 'high jewellery', the better for your money!!! Right or wrong? Please use the link here for more information.
Well, Australian black opal is not easy to replace, that's for sure ... (^^)
xxxx     Malayvone

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