Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's "TOAST" for an "OCTOBER" month !!!!

Have you been out, dining lately?
Well in our shop, we always have a " monthly dinner meeting " with staffs and toast for the coming month!!! And look how happy, hungry, thirsty and lovely these FACES are ...  (^^)
When we see good foods & good drinks placed infront of us, our NATURAL SMILE starts to pour out ... and the conversation naturally becomes like a 'melody' instead of an 'argument' .
This time (or should I say, again ...), we went to have an INDIAN in Surfers Paradise!! TAJ PALACE is the name, located underneath of CENTRE POINT TOWER, in the heart of Surfers ...  (^^)
Everytime we visit this place, the staff is welcoming us, the food is extremely delicious and the price is right. FRIENDLY, QUICK, YUMMY, AFFORDABLE ... what more could we ask for, right??!!??
 This month is a special month for our shop, because OCTOBER - represents OPAL  and many opal admires should visit us in the showroom, based on Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD, AUSTRALIA.
If anyone is looking for a quality, Australian Black Opal & Boulder Opal, Opal Jewellery or anything at all, please visit us online as well, and find our special offer for October month!!!
XXXX     Malayvone 

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