Friday, July 20, 2012

"RED COLOR" ... a powerful one!

My favorite color ... "RED" !!

Everytime I make a new 'opal beads bracelet' or 'opal beads earrings', I tend to use lots of RED or ORANGE without realizing. This color must have a strong meaning or a special energy to me, hehehe...

At the same time, I always think "NOP, red is beautiful however green color will suit me when I place many gemstones against my skin color" .
Perhaps what you like is a little bit different to what suits you... and it also depends on how you feel on that particular situation, right?!!??

"RED COLOR" ... It is valuable color in Black Opal family. This color has lots of stimulation and energy, helping you to overtake the leadership when necessary. If you want a success, passion and courage in life, I strongly recommend you carry or wear some red color items before stepping out of the house!!!

xxxx      Malayvone 

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