Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Triplet Opal

I’ve just realized that I haven’t really explained about man-made opal in this blog…

So today, I would like to talk about “Triplet Opal”.

According to the website of Opal association, Triplet Opal is “Thin slice of precious opal glued between crystal cap on top and black backing.”

In today’s market, some opal dealers introduce those Triplet opals as “Gem quality Triplet Opal” or “Authorized Opal”.

To be recognized as a gemstone, each mineral must be beautiful, rare as well as hard and last for a long time. Of course it must have formed  in nature with no assistance from humans. Therefore, I have to say, Triplet Opal is not accepted as a gemstone because they are made most of plastic with very thin slice of white opal. Of course, the beauty doesn’t last forever.

In a few years, the colour will start to fade away because water goes into the part which is glued. Also, the surface of Triplet Opal will get scratches due to being used a soft plastic cap.

Talking about a phrase, “Authorized Opal”, whoever has authorized “Triplet Opal”, the quality of Triplet Opal will never change…

I’ve seen a catch copy, “With just a little extra care of your triplet opal ring, you can enjoy the look of a solid gem opal”, on one of the internet shopping site. For me, it is nonsense…

Apparently, anyone will never confuse the beauty of Solid Opal with the one of Triplet Opal…

In conclusion,

“Triplet Opal is not a gemstone!!”

“You can’t wear Triplet Opal jewelry for a long time!!”

Triplet Opal is good for just an accessory because you can have good colour opal without spending much, but the value as a gem is much less than solid opal.

Please be sure about that…

If you would like to study more about man-made opal, click here.

See you next time!! xxx


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