Thursday, October 31, 2013


Mining Boulder Opal in Queensland, Australia - 
is not an easy job. It's hot out there, it's a remote area,
can be a lonely place ... and most of all it costs you 
"fortune" to become an OPAL MINER ...
yet not many people understands it.

I drove up to a place called "WINTON" from Gold Coast, approximately 1,600km far North from where I live last week.
It was a long drive in max heat but was worth visiting ...
On my way up, all I could see was lots of
"road works" and "heaps of dead kangaroos" !!!
That was all I could remember anyway  (^^;)

Two days later, I finally arrived & met a
called Vlado with his lovely wife June,
also Vlado's son (handsome ) Paul.
What Vlado & Paul do all day is just moving
an excavigator to remove sand rocks,
dig, dig and more digging, non stop !!!!
They spend so much money on fuels just to
keep moving this monster machine.
And only rarely ... very rarely indeed, you'll be able to
see a piece of  "rainbow" like an image here,
if you're lucky. Unfortunately not many miners are
as lucky as Vlado though ... sad ...
The buyers often ask me "why is Australian Opal so expensive"
or "why can't you supply more high quality black opal 
& boulder opal from Australia regularly" ...
And my answers to this is "because it costs a lot to
set up even before start mining opals,
too much costs & too much efforts to find too little opals
and quality Australian black opal & boulder opal
is extremely rare, much more rare & precious
than many other gemstones" !!!!!
I think you've got to be crazy or unique to stay
but once you get involved ...
It's in your blood for the rest of your life.
Fortunate or ufortunate ??!!?
It was really a pleasure to get to know Vlado,
beautiful June & Paul at their camp.
They are such hard working miners,
lovely personels, have experiences & histories
in opal industry. Without passionate people like them,
the world won't be able to see or touch an amazing
"Australian Boulder Opal" from Queensland, Australia.

Oh, not to forget to mention that June is a wonderful COOK too!! She made us home grown salads, vegie pies,
pasta salads and yummy
A hard work can not end without a great meal, right?!?
I guess Vlado loves June so much because she's beautiful inside out, she's patient, she's smart and
above all, she's a great cook.
Thanks for their hospitality!!!
xxxx    Malayvone

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