Tuesday, April 9, 2013


For those who's not familiar with Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal, please see the link below.
G'day from Gold Coast, Australia. 
Our new experiment on solid opal is

"Using Food Coloring Liquid" !! 

Not sure what it says but it seems very strong and powerful liquid ... strong enough to get your fingers smudged easily

The chosen one (for experimenting ...)
would be these beautiful pieces.
Top - Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal (8.27ct)
Bottom - Australian White Opal (7.00ct)

Both to be placed in a clear glass bowl and ready to be soaked into Food Coloring ... (^^;)  
Remember, left is Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal
and the right, is Australian White Opal.
Here we go !!!
After 10 minutes of waiting ... This is what happened !!!
Top - Ethiopian Opal
Bottom - Australian Opal
You can clearly see how the whole image is changed in Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal, it sucked the coloring liquid and became another unique piece of opal !!!!! Nothing's been affected / done to Australian White Opal ... Stays the same.
Well  .... (as expected), look what happened to my fingers. It's a small price to pay when considering what we have learnt from our OPAL EXPERIMENT and that how powerful the "food coloring" is ... hehehe.
So, the point here is "be careful" when you wear an Ethiopian Opal ... Your body acid, your colorful clothes and many other things can easily change your OPAL!!  
We will let you know what happens next, after trying to get its color and beauty back ... In the mean while, have fun today!!!  
xxxx   Malayvone

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