Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello from beautiful GOLD COAST !! As a 'Jewellery Designer', I always wonder how is my favorite 'PIECE OF ART' or 'CREATION' doing after it's been sold to the customer... Sure no-one will wear their luxury jewelleries roughly, but I am just curious whether our lovely opal collection is doing fine, been worn often enough or not, you know.

Everytime we create a new design for the customer, it's time consuming, cost effective and often customer's high expectation is involved! We (my self & the jeweller) must understand what customer wants and how to turn opal looking gorgeous, etc... The more we take time in making, the happier our customer will be...and that leads the wearer to enjoy their opal jewellery for many years to come!

If you are always wearing your "SPECIAL OPAL JEWELLERY" bought from us, then it shows everyone that you're proud of your choice & the opal will be proud of you too!!! Have a wonderful day...

                                         xxxx Malayvone

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