Saturday, May 21, 2011

A trip to "Lightning Ridge" vol.2

This is vol.2. continuing from yesterday. If you haven't seen vol.1,please click here.

After 12 hours of driving, we finally arrived to Lightning Ridge.....( Actually, I didn't drive, my boss did. I was just sitting in the car and looking at scenes outside....Thank you for driving boss!!)

This is a field of Black Opals where people mine!!
As you can see, the ground was really dry and sandy like a desert.
There were many holes and well-used trucks and machines on the field.

We thought we could easily find miners if we went to the field.
But no ones there, we were really worried if we couldn't find anyone or anything............

After 20 minutes of drive, we finally met him!!!!

                                           Such a lovely smile....
                            He is an expart Black opal miner.

                            He took us down to his hole.

This hole is about 8M depth. His friend and he works there almost everyday.

Then,he showed us some of rough Black Opals.
Even they work everyday, it is really really hard to find a valuable Black Opal.
"This is very hard job. The luck of finding Black Opal is like one in a million... 30 years ago was much easier to find the Black Opal.
"The price of petrol and other expences for running machines are getting expensive, so lots of miner gave up and left the field" he said.
He still mining Black Opal, because he just loves it.

I realised miners used lots of energy and money to find the one Black opal. How precious is it?!!!!!!

After seen the passion of miners and how they are finding the one Black opal in Lightning Ridge I waned to share all of my experiences and the story with my customers.
 An entrance of  Lightning Ridge has "?" mark for the population,
because people always come and leave in this town. 

I hope you can see how precious these Black Opals are from this blog :)

To find more information about Black Opal, please visit our website.
You can learn more about Australian Opal. 

I hope everyone has lovely Saturday afternoon.

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